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Haiti president assassination suspects trained by Pentagon

On the eve of assassinated Haitian president Jovenel Moïse’s funeral, the Pentagon has confirmed that at least 7 people implicated in the murder had received ‘training’ in the US. See Also: (Russia Today) – Cuba protests prompt US to apply the good old coup playbook

US’s Colombian connection to Haitian assassination revealed

A look at emerging evidence surrounding the brazen assassination by gunfire of Haitian President Jovenal Moise draws multiple lines to the US. One of the conspirators once worked as an informant for the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), and another is a Haitian-American doctor practicing

Rick Sanchez: Japan accused of lying about radiation

High levels of radiation in the area around Fukushima, Japan have been discovered at locations intended for the 2020 Summer Olympics. Is the international sporting event in danger? RT America’s Michele Greenstein explains the lasting impact of the Fukushima nuclear disaster. Then Kevin Kamps, radioactive

Wikileaks’ newest expose might lead to OPCW’s downfall

The UN Security Council will convene on Monday after Russia’s request to discuss the international chemical weapons watchdog report on the alleged chemical attack in Syria’s Douma. The work of the OPCW fact-finding mission into the April 2018 incident has been called into question after

Report: 14,000 troops to Iran border — what gives?

Rick Sanchez discusses a recent report that Washington intends to send as many as 14,000 more US troops to the Middle East, and the Pentagon’s denial thereof. Then RT America’s Faran Fronczak reports on the US’s fraught Middle East policy and its growing belligerence toward

Evo Morales: Those who rule Bolivia now are dictators, not me

Bolivia’s ousted president, Evo Morales, has told RT that the Organization of American States played a key role in deposing him, and that Bolivia’s huge reserves of lithium had spurred on the coup. Morales fled Bolivia earlier this month shortly after winning re-election to the

US ignores global protests that fail to align with its interests

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo commented on several protests taking place across the globe but not on those in Bolivia. From Latin America to the Middle East, Washington’s stance on world protests depends on national interests. See Also: (Russia Today) – US says it’s

Arms deals, cushy jobs, meddling – the way US elite see Ukraine?

Impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump over his phone call with the leader of Ukraine has seen White House officials subpoenaed over the President’s contacts with Kiev. The Democrats spearheading the probe, saying ‘Trump has left them no other choice’. As for US military aid, which

Emails describe Ellen as gov’t propaganda tool

Mainstream US news outlets have finally decided to focus on the Syria conflict, a conflict they’ve hitherto mostly ignored. But their dearth of coverage of Yemen and Libya conflicts speaks volumes. Rick Sanchez explains. Then RT America’s Michele Greenstein joins to discuss the unlikely friendship

Putin: Moscow is helping Beijing build missile-attack warning system

Russia is helping China build a warning system for missile attacks: it was revealed by President Putin at the annual international affairs conference, the ‘Valdai Discussion Club’ that is currently underway in Russia. The President reminded attendees that Russia and the US are the only

Assange’s father gives speech at Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate

The father of whistleblower Julian Assange, John Shipton, gives a speech during an event called #Candles4Assange at Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate on Wednesday, October 2. WikiLeaks’ founder Assange is currently serving a 50-week sentence at Belmarsh prison for breaching bail in 2012. He is facing a

8 countries Bolton mangled

Rick Sanchez dismantles the legacy of departing national security advisor John Bolton and gives a review of the global damage wrought by his foreign policy blunders. We’ll also hear former presidential candidate and US Representative Dr. Ron Paul (R-Texas) and former naval intelligence officer John

Is US buying weapons for ISIS?

Millions of weapons made in Serbia have reportedly fallen into the hands of Islamic State fighters in Yemen and Syria – after they were bought by the United States and its allies, according to documents seen by a Bulgarian investigative journalist. See Also: (RT) –

Lawsuit brings murder of DNC staffer back into spotlight

A former Fox news contributor is suing media outlets who accused him of spinning conspiracy theories over leaked emails from the Democrats. Ed Butowsky had suggested former staffer at the Democratic National Committee Seth Rich passed on sensitive information to Wikileaks. But in his lawsuit,

Farmers ‘casualties’ of Trump’s trade war

US has already imposed tariffs on two hundred billion dollars worth of Chinese imports, over what it sees as unfair trade practices. Beijing retaliated by slapping its own levy on hundreds of American agricultural products.

‘Totally insane’: Telecomm Industry ignores 5G dangers

Dr. Martin Pall, professor emeritus at Washington State, joins News.Views.Hughes to discuss studies into the harmful health effects of electromagnetic fields. He argues that the toxic and dangerous character of EMF’s are already well-established and that the advent of 5G technology will be that much

Roger Waters slams ‘humanitarian’ concert for Venezuela

‘Do we really want another Iraq or Syria?’ Pink Floyd ex-frontman Roger Waters is slamming Virgin tycoon Richard Branson’s aid concert for Venezuela as a sham, warning fans and performers not to be “led down a garden path that ends in regime change.”

On Contact: The Lobby – USA

The four-part Al Jazeera documentary about how the government and intelligence agencies of Israel work with US Jewish groups to spy on, smear, and attack critics, was blocked due to heavy Israeli pressure. It was recently leaked online by the Chicago-based Electronic Intifada, the French

Israel Uses Human Shields to Attack Syria

Rick Sanchez explains how Israel has used commercial planes to covered airstrikes in Syria and how this unprecedented way of attacks is violating the rule of war on the use of civilians as humans shields. Then, RT correspondent Michele Greenstein joins to discuss. See Also:

Yellow Vest protests held in Paris for 7th week in row

People dressed in yellow vests are continuing their anti-government protest in Paris for the seventh week in a row. The Yellow Vest movement emerged spontaneously last month after French President Emmanuel Macron announced controversial hikes in fuel prices to encourage a transition towards greener energy.

RIP Bush, Yellow Vest Revolt & Ron Paul

Jesse Ventura and Brigida Santos discuss the passing of George H.W. Bush and why France’s Yellow Vest revolt is a rejection of neoliberalism. Doctor Ron Paul talks about the future of trade, NATO and his hopes for America in 2019.

Brazilian Invasion of Venezuela a “Very Serious” Threat

Anya Parampil dissects a recent speech made by senior Treasury official Marshall Billingslea at the Brookings Institution, in which he claims governments in Venezuela and Nicaragua “threaten the integrity” of the international financial system. Anya exposes the banking and oil interests which fund Brookings and

NATO starts the biggest drills since the end of the Cold War

Thursday sees the start of #NATO’s largest war games since the end of the Cold War. #TridentJuncture will include tens of thousands of troops, as well as warships and planes. Drills are being conducted in #Norway – which shares a border with Russia. The Russian

Yemen close to worst famine in 100 years if war doesn’t stop

The UN claims the situation in Yemen is catastrophic, warning that up to 13-million people are facing starvation, if the war doesn’t end soon. See Also: (Russia Today) – UK & US-led coalition in ‘deep denial’ of civilian deaths in Syria’s Raqqa – Amnesty International

Is there such a thing as a ‘good censor’? Google thinks so…

When it comes to policing the web, Google thinks it knows what’s best for us. A leaked company briefing called ‘The Good Censor’ outlines it, and indeed more of the Internet’s behemoths, including Facebook & Twitter, are grappling with how they censor content. And that

First Delivery: Russia unloads S-300 systems in Syria

The Russian Defence Ministry has released video footage of the delivery of S-300 systems, interceptor missiles, radars and other hardware to Syria to boost the country’s air-defense capabilities in the wake of the Il-20 incident.

EU weapons sent to Saudis despite criticism over Yemeni conflict

Germany has reportedly approved new arms exports to Saudi Arabia worth almost 300-million dollars. The move comes despite strong criticism of the Saudis for their participation in the Yemeni conflict, which has resulted in thousands of civilian casualties. See Also: (Russia Today) – Pre-emptive hit:

Evo Morales: The US is trying to divide us

The US has switched from military coups and now effects regime changes through courts and parliaments, to deal with dissident Latin American leaders and claim their countries’ oil, Bolivian President Evo Morales has told RT. See Also: (Russia Today) – New Russian MoD details refute

Russian MoD on measures they take in Syria after Il-20 downing

Within two weeks Russia will complete the delivery to Damascus of an S-300 air defense system previously suspended on a request by Israel as part of response to the downing of a Russian plane amid an Israeli air raid on Syria. See Also: (Russia Today)

Russian MoD briefing on downed Il-20 in Syria

The Russian military says an Israeli raid on Syria led to the shooting down of a Russian Il-20 plane by Syrian air defense forces. See Also: (Russia Today) – Russian Il-20 downed by Syrian air defense forces – MoD The Russian military say the Israeli

Roger Waters: White Helmets is a deep rabbit hole

Some 40 years on, the groundbreaking music of Pink Floyd sounds fresh and deep, and the lyrics of Roger Waters are as relevant as ever. How hard is the balancing act between music and politics? We talked to the legend himself – Roger Waters, musician,

Syria final showdown looming: What’s the worst case scenario?

The last stronghold of rebel and terror groups in Syria – the northern province of Idlib – is surrounded by the Syrian Army. With a decisive battle looming, civilians are fleeing the area through humanitarian corridors set up by the Syrian government and Russia. See

US creates Iran Action Group to ‘change regime’s behavior’

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has formed a special group that will co-ordinate Washington’s policy on Iran, that’s as it continues to pressure the country with sanctions. The head of the new group, Brian Hook, says the US is prepared to punish any country

Western-produced weapons end up in terrorists’ hands – report

According to an investigation by war correspondent Robert Fisk a large batch of weapons, discovered in formerly terrorist-controlled areas of eastern Aleppo in Syria, came from the West. Robert Fisk tracked serial numbers on the missile casings, and tried to find out how those weapons

‘Assange caused great embarrassment & US wants revenge’

The reason behind Ecuador’s change of heart towards Assange is unclear, but “pressure has been brought to bear, presumably by the United States,” human rights activist Peter Tatchell believes. READ MORE: See Also: (John Kiriakou) – John Kiriakou: Assange may be charged with espionage if