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Saudi-led airstrike in Yemen kills 6 people, including 2 children

At least six people, including two children, were killed in a reportedly Saudi-led airstrike this morning in Sanaa province. The video footage has captured the moment rescuers tried to help the victims, mostly children, who were helplessly trapped under piles of rubble. RT discussed the

Kiriakou on CIA Torture & Gina Haspel

What did John Kiriakou, who worked for Gina Haspel & went to jail for exposing torture, see? Do ethics matter? Does law matter? Does torture work? Who would Jesus torture? Why was a 27 year highly honored veteran of CIA, beaten & arrested at the

RAW: Russian fleet holds navy drills in Sea of Japan

SOURCE: Russian MoD The Pacific Sea Fleet conducted a series of drills in the Sea of Japan, as seen in a video released by Russia’s MoD on Friday. See Also: (Russia Today) – Countdown to V-Day begins: Military parade rehearsal in Moscow More than 12,000

Syria strikes: High tech killing power with ‘good intentions’

After allegations of a chemical attack in Syria, Western fighter jets were soon revving their engines, ready to unleash a “humanitarian intervention.” Chemical weapons inspectors were on their way to the Syrian town of Douma to investigate whether an attack had actually happened, but cruise

Scores march against Syria strikes in front of White House

Hundreds of protesters gathered in front of the White House in Washington DC on Saturday to protest against the US-led airstrikes in Syria. Many of the protesters were holding banners and flags against the war on Syria while others used words of civil right activist

Israels Internet Censorship War

H/T Ryan Dawson Israels Internet Censorship War If Americans Knew See Also: (RussiaToday) – Drone footage captures ‘Great March of Return’ protests at Israel-Gaza border Palestinians continued protesting along Gaza’s eastern border near Khan Younis on Friday, as part of the ‘Great March of Return’

Rebel CIA officer launches petition to ‘reconnect’ Assange

Former intelligence officers have launched a petition in support of Julian Assange. They want the Ecuadorian embassy, where he’s been staying since 2012, to restore his internet connection. The petition letter was handed over by a former CIA officer-turned-whistleblower.

UK’s Fusion Doctrine ranks Russia alongside… ISIS

Amid increased tension between the UK and Russia over the Salisbury nerve-agent attack, Britain has adopted a new national security strategy with London now ranking Moscow alongside Islamist terrorism on its list of main threats. See Also: (RussiaToday) – RUSSIA DID IT! (Skripal case logic)

Surveillance state: Unfolding Facebook data scandal (DEBATE)

RT hosted a debate on what the fallout of the unfolding Facebook data scandal could be. Richard Goodstein, a former advisor to both Bill and Hillary Clinton’s presidential election campaigns, went head-to-head with legal & media analyst Lionel See Also: (Russia Today) – In your

Iraqis accuse US-led coalition air strike of killing civilians

In north-western Iraq, locals are livid – after a US-led coalition air strike reportedly hit civilians and local police, instead of terrorists. The incident took place on Saturday. Reports suggest at least eight people were killed and 20 injured. Here’s what eyewitnesses had to say.

CrossTalk: Wars Without End

Days ago the US Secretary of Defense James Mattis updated and revised America’s global defense strategy. It is a dark vision of the world and calls for massive defense spending. What he calls a defense strategy critics say is a blue-print for wars without end.

Keiser Report: Collapse

Max and Stacy discuss the ‘highly inappropriate pay packets’ for the bosses at a 200-year-old infrastructure company that went down in flames following a very dubious public investment model. Max also interviews Arry Yu, COO of, about the gamified micro-task market where people can

Crosstalk: Obstructing Syria

With the Islamic State and its many confederates defeated or facing defeat in Syria, what is next for this war-torn country? What justification exists for the U.S. to maintain military forces there? Does Washington want Syria partitioned? If so, then why?

Project Veritas talks Twitter’s prying eyes & MSM agenda

Twitter staff have been caught on camera revealing that the company has direct access to – and monetises – some of its users most private information.  Hidden-camera conversations with Twitter engineers were conducted by the undercover journalism group ‘Project Veritas’ See Also: (Russia Today) –

Crosstalk: Gaslighting America

Are the mainstream media intentionally gaslighting the public against President Donald Trump? The reverse appears to be equally true – Trump does and with style gaslight the media. What kind of body politic is this creating? Has the US become a collection of hysterical drama

CrossTalk: Dr. Media Vs. Trump

A cursory glance of the media environment could easily give you the impression that the vast majority of journalists studied psychology at university. So many are convinced Donald Trump is not mentally fit to be president. Are the same journalists suffering from Trump derangement syndrome?

CrossTalk: Neocons Return to Power

President Donald Trump’s 2017 National Security Strategy report tells us how he sees the world, or rather how the Washington foreign policy elites do. For a candidate who ran on a message of change the report is unremarkable in its defense of status quo policies

The Fate of the American worker

United Steelworkers president Leo Gerard and former president of Communications Workers of America (CWA) Larry Cohen speak to “News with Ed” about the decline of organized labor, the impact of changing trade policy and tax reform, and the likely effects of Donald Trump’s presidency on

Saudi coalition air strike hits Yemen market, killing dozens

A Saudi coalition airstrike has hit a busy market in Yemen, killing at least 40 people. The U.S. is actively supporting the Saudi bombing campaign, providing weaponry, military intelligence and aviation fuel Just to warn you, – the following video contains disturbing images.

Keiser Report: The Luxury Handbag Market

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy discuss stores of value and bitcoin investors seeking hypnotherapy to gain access to old, forgotten but now valuable wallets. In the second half, Max interviews entrepreneur Jeff Berk to discuss the luxury handbag market?! Why

CrossTalk Bullhorns: FBI-gate (Extended Version)

What was Russiagate is now quickly becoming FBI-gate. Who will investigate the investigators? Also, does the US have a real North Korea policy? And, the end of net neutrality and the start of Internet apartheid.

US provoked North Korea to Break the Nuke Agreement – Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin holds his annual end-of-year press conference, where he discusses a range of domestic and foreign policy issues. See Also: (Russia Today) – US has de-facto left missile treaty, Russia is not going to – Putin The US has, in fact, already

CrossTalk: Media Humiliated

Trust in the mainstream media is at an all-time low. But no one should be surprised and the media has itself to blame. This sad state of affairs is a self-inflicted wound and actually a conscious business model. The media no longer has an interest

RAW: Russia & China conduct joint drills

Russian & Chinese law enforcement armed forces conducted a series of joint tactical training drills in the Chinese city of Yinchuan on Tuesday. The drills, named ‘Cooperation-2017,’ saw the participation of the Special Forces units of the Russian National Guard and the People’s Armed Police