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FBI Privilege

FBI Privilege. Cops and FBI dropped the ball. how could you be called to a person’s house 39 times and not see this coming? The responses after this mass shooting have seemed do coached and scripted. It is sickening that they would script questions and

Palestinians are People too

This joyous video, produced by Radiance of Résistance تألق المقاومة, features a young Ahed Tamimi, Rand Bilal Tamimi and Janna Ayyad–dancing to one of their favorite songs, by Shakira. Ahed (the girl in the thumbnail) has been imprisoned since Dec. 19 She turned 17 in

War Architects and the path to Syria. Part 1 of 3

Sydney Dec 2016, My self and Maram S. (Syrian girl) gave a talk about the ongoing wars that led up to the current conflict in Syria. Originally I was invited by Western Sydney University. Things happened. We ended up having it at the Palestinian Cultural

Condensed Case Against the White Helmets in Syria

A reading of the evidence presented by Vanessa Beeley regarding the UK FCO & USAID multi-million-financed White Helmet organization embedded with terrorist factions inside Syria, also funded by the same hostile governments.…