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Yemen The Invisible War, Trailer

So I don’t have the scores or background music yet. I made it a slower pace. Chapter 1 I’ll be walking through a history of previous wars in the area. This will include the Six day war tie in. Chapter 2 I’ll explain the Importance

Queen lol

Published on Jul 15th, 2018 See Also: (Ryan Dawson) – Syria the exchange to come

Fitzgerald and Ry on 911 movement

Published on Jul 6th, 2018 – Ryan Dawson See Also: (Ryan Dawson) – Anna the House Armenian of TYT shows her cluelessness about Korea Anna the House Armenian tries to act like an analyst. She is cringe worthy. She actually said Trump meeting with Kim

The Empire Unmasked Trailer 2

Published on Jul 2nd, 2018… Notice they made an age restriction for this on youtube.

Public Space WWII myths

JF, Weronika, WWII myths Geiwitz, Reichstag, Bush connection,… Palestine updates…

Conspiracy is real

Published on Jun 11th, 2018 Decades of Deception and War Doc Link on Vimeo

Thoughts on Doxing

Published on Jun 10, 2018 – Doxing, Charlottseville, Rosanne, Syria, the UK

Starting from months ago on Korea peace process

South Korea need to talk to North Korea 1 on 1 They are going to I said because they have to. When they do they will finally make peace. This has all now happened. The US was against South Korea talking to the North. they