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President Trump’s State Of The Union Address | True News

On January 30th, 2018, President Donald Trump gave his State Of The Union Address before a sea of cheering Republicans and resentful sour-faced Democrat politicians who were visibly disgruntled over the record low black unemployment rate.

What Pisses Me Off About The “Release The Memo” Scandal

After months and mother of speculation, the inside story on the Russian collusion investigation and intelligence agency spying on President Trump’s political campaign is about to come to light. Stefan Molyneux comments on the deep state and political establishment panic as their high crimes are

Hot Or Not?

Recent scientific studies show a connection between physical attractiveness and right-leaning political beliefs. Stefan Molyneux looks at the recent scientific data and offers a fresh perspective on how the desire to acquire resources offers an explanation for this information. Study: Intelligence and Physical Attractiveness:… Study:

Leftists Want To Ban Having “Best Friends”

The regressive left’s desire to end personal responsibility and shield people from the consequences of their actions has now extended to children having “best friends” Stefan Molyneux breaks down the recent article “Should Schools Ban Kids From Having Best Friends?” and highlights the lengths the

Far-Right Subculture

When a bunch of freedom lovers gathered in NYC on Saturday, January 20th, 2018, the mainstream media came up with very “interesting” terms to describe the event and it’s attendees. What else is new, right? Don’t miss the next party, get on the list:

Why You Fight – Stefan Molyneux’s ‘A Night For Freedom’ Speech

Stefan Molyneux appeared at “A Night For Freedom” on Saturday, January 20th, 2018 in New York, NY – along with frequent Freedomain Radio guests Mike Cernovich, Gavin McInnes and Owen Benjamin! See Also: (Stefan Molyneux) – ‘A Night For Freedom’ Panel with Stefan Molyneux, Gavin

Jordan Peterson and Cathy Newman Debate: An Analysis

A recent debate between Jordan Peterson and Cathy Newman on Channel 4 has taken the internet by storm. Stefan Molyneux offers his perspective on the debate, the endless onslaught of “gotcha” questions, female agreeableness and the importance of preparation.

A Personal Update On ‘A Night For Freedom’ Weekend!

Over the last several days, Stefan Molyneux met hundreds of Freedomain Radio listeners at a Project Veritas event for the release of “American Pravda: My Fight for Truth in the Era of Fake News” by James O’Keefe and at Mike Cernovich’s “A Night For Freedom”

The Inevitable Collapse of the U.S. Dollar. Prepare Yourself.

While many people remain in denial, the collapse of the United States Dollar is inevitable from a mathematical standpoint. Stefan Molyneux looks at the history of the U.S. Dollar, the historical collapse of fiat currencies and things which may speed up the inevitable collapse.

Very Stable Genius

After decrying any questioning of Hillary Clinton’s health during the 2016 Presidential election, the mainstream media has gone “all in” on questioning President Donald Trump’s mental health and fitness for serving as President of the United States. Stefan Molyneux breaks down the unspoken incentives which

Sen. Cory Booker’s Unhinged S**thole Breakdown! – Rebutted!

Democratic Sen. Cory Booker recently launched an emotional unhinged torrent of verbiage towards Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen before a Senate committee. Stefan Molyneux breaks down Cory Booker’s breakdown and debunks many of the assertions he made while “mansplaining.”

But Twitter Is A Private Company…

During discussions about shadow banning, mass censorship and the unequal treatment of conservatives on social media, the common objection is that these “are private companies who can do whatever they want.” Stefan Molyneux looks at the “private company” argument and explains what is often overlooked

Debunking Blatant CNN Fake News Propaganda – True News

The framing and manipulation employed by many of these current “news” networks is reminiscent of the worst yellow journalism and propaganda in human history. Stefan Molyneux looks at a CNN smear piece negatively framing James O’Keefe and President Donald Trump and exposes the manipulation and

False Missile Alert Terrorizes Hawaii

The state of Hawaii was sent into outright panic on Saturday when residents received an “inbound ballistic missile threat” alert and began responding accordingly. The island stopped dead in its tracks, children were lowered into storm drains, and mass panic gripped the state all over

S**thole Countries

The mainstream media is in a uproar after President Donald Trump allegedly referred to “s**thole” countries during an immigration related policy discussion. Stefan Molyneux looks at history of competing scientific theories, the differences between Haiti and the Dominican Republic, and the importance of looking at

Twitter Targeting White Christians for Censorship – True News

James O’Keefe and Project Veritas recently released a series of undercover videos with current and former Twitter employees discussing the shadow banning and censorship of accounts displaying certain political and religious affiliations. Stefan Molyneux points out the elephant in the room nobody is talking about

Never Showing Up

With heavy union protection and absurdly generous benefits packages, many pubic school teachers are simply not showing up for work to disastrous consequences. Stefan Molyneux shines a spotlight on another in an endless series of horrific stories about public education.