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Stefan Molyneux’s Eight Hour Christmas Spectacular

Merry Christmas everybody! The first annual Stefan Molyneux Christmas Spectacular features discussions with Gavin McInnes, Roaming Millennial, James O’Keefe, Duke Pesta, Faith Goldy, Blonde in the Belly of the Beast, Styxhexenhammer666, Michael Malice, Jordan Peterson, Michelle Malkin, Lauren Southern, Milo Yiannopoulos, Mike Cernovich, Rev. Jesse

Merry (Low Tax) Christmas!

Stefan Molyneux joins Alex Jones live via Skype to break down how Trump’s tax plan is a very Merry Christmas present to hard-working Americans across the country who will have more money to spend.

Defend Most Those Being Attacked Most

Stefan Molyneux and Alex Jones chronicle their journey into extreme censorship and character assassination and ask the audience to help defend those being attacked the most.

Must Watch: Stefan Molyneux Interview

Alex Jones and Stefan Molyneux cover the waterfront talking all things Christmas, Tax Cuts, and the battle to save Western Civilization from total, and complete, leftist annihilation.

The Death of Hollywood – Milo Yiannopoulos and Stefan Molyneux

MILO is a journalist, author, pundit, a provocateur, a crusader, and an entertainer. An accomplished speaker, he has visited over 40 college campuses across the United States in his Dangerous F*ggot Tour of 2016, and is planning a major 2017-18 college and commercial tour.

Shocking Deep State Corruption Exposed – True News

On December 12th, 2017, The Department of Justice turned over about 375 text messages to Congress ahead of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s committee appearance the following day. These text messages were uncovered during a Justice Department inspector general investigation into whether political influence affected

Evolution of the Snowflake

Stefan Molyneux breaks down the origin and evolution of the average frequently triggered snowflake social justice warrior.

Sexual Civil War – Michelle Malkin and Stefan Molyneux

After the depravity of Harvey Weinstein was exposed and the floodgates of sexual assault and harassment allegations opened up in the mainstream media – the United States of America finds itself at a dangerous crossroads. Michelle Malkin joins Stefan Molyneux to discuss the importance of

Endless War – Scott Horton and Stefan Molyneux

Scott Horton is the managing director of the Libertarian Institute, the host of Antiwar Radio and the Scott Horton Show, the Opinion Editor of and the author of “Fool’s Errand: Time to End the War in Afghanistan.”

Failed New York City Terrorist Attack – True News

On December 11th, 2017 in New York City, 27-year-old Bangladeshi national Akayed Ullah detonated a ‘low-tech’ explosive attached to his body with Velcro and zip ties – injuring himself severely. The would-be Islamic State terrorist is rumored to be responding to the recognition of Jerusalem

Another Massive CNN Fake News Failure! – True News

The already abysmal mainstream media has had a very rough start to the month. ABC’s Brian Ross reported that Gen. Michael Flynn was prepared to testify that candidate Donald Trump ordered him to make contact with the Russians – but that was fake news! Reuters

The Truth About Untruth – Postmodernism Exposed

What is the intellectual history of postmodernism and what impact does it have on the world today? Stefan Molyneux outline the origins of the controversial intellectual movement and discusses the existence of truth.

Sen. Al Franken’s Insane Resignation Speech – True News

Minnesota Senator Al Franken recently announced his plan to resign from Congress after a number of sexual harassment accusations. Franken called it “the worst day of my political life,” and quickly used the situation to attack President Donald Trump and deny personal responsibility for the

Stolen History | Tom Woods and Stefan Molyneux

The historical ignorance of those want want to run the lives of others is as jaw-dropping as it is ignorant. Stefan Molyneux and Tom Woods discuss economic and historical facts which often get overlooked, obfuscated or denied when leftists promote the socialist agenda. Dr. Tom

Shocking Trump/Russia Investigation Corruption Exposed – True News

After many Republicans smeared Donald Trump, suggesting he was not a “real Republican” they were later revealed as Republicans in name only. When the mainstream media and Hollywood smeared Donald Trump as a sexual predator, they were later revealed to be hiding and protecting sexual

The Real Deficit

As fiscal deficits expand across the western world, Stefan Molyneux looks at the true non-economic deficit which nobody ever talks about.

World War North Korea – Michael Malice and Stefan Molyneux

The possibility of a United States led conflict with North Korea has put a spotlight on the shocking history of the “Great Leader” Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il, Kim Jong-un and the DPRK: Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. With hundreds of thousands estimated to