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Regarding Men Episode 26 – Feminism’s Role in El Paso and Dayton

StudioBrule – Published on Aug 8th, 2019 – Commentary on the recent mass shootings and the role that feminism plays. See Also: (Studio Brule) – Regarding Men Episode 25 – Men, Women and Relationships Also: (Studio Brule) – Regarding Men Episode 24 – Feminist Therapy:

Regarding Men Episode 8 – False Allegations

StudioBrule – Published on Apr 8th, 2019 See Also: (Studio Brule) – Regarding Men Episode 9 – Sex Through The Masculine Lens Also: (Studio Brule) – Regarding Men Episode 10 – Why VAWA Should Not Be Re-Authorized

The Fiamengo File 100 – All Anti-Feminism, All The Time

Four years and 100 episodes later Janice Fiamengo is stronger and more articulate than ever. This episodes highlights the growing problem of feminist domination of western culture and its attack upon freedom of speech and presumption of innocence. Every era has its socially accepted scapegoat

Why Feminism is Incompatible with Liberty

Feminism has declared war on the principles that make liberty possible and that made the west great. So I want to propose a symbol to represent the relationship between feminism and liberty, and at the same time explain why I am an anti-feminist. See Also:

The Gillette Ad is Feminist Pornography – No Joke Janice Episode 13

Gillette’s “The Best Men Can Be” ad was directed by Kim Gehrig, an Australian ad-maker whose feminist work provides a vivid picture of the very different ways women and men are represented in contemporary popular culture. See Also: (Studio Brule) – Feminists Force Cancellation of