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German Nationalists Office Bombed, MASSIVE Hack Exposes Politicians

Two major incidents have just hit the news. The first was that overnight an explosion hit the office for the German nationalist party “Alternative for Germany” in Saxony, police believe this was meant to harm people and was an escalation in political tensions. Many people

Conservatives Denied Housing Over Political Beliefs, Is This Illegal?

Conservatives Denied Housing Over Political Beliefs, Is This Illegal? After a story went viral of a woman’s roommates searching her room after finding a MAGA hat people cried foul calling this clear political discrimination. But a second story has emerged this time in Washington DC

Louis CK Audio LEAKED, Leftist Media Smears Him As Alt Right

Why? Because he made taboo jokes? Louis CK has always been offensive yet for some reason now the left is accusing him of being alt right or right wing, some have compared him to Milo Yiannopoulos. In realty this seems to be anger over Louis’

Debunking The Narrative Of Right Wing Radicalization On Youtube

In September a report was published by Data and Society making false claims about people like me, Dave Rubin, Joe Rogan, Jordan Peterson, and Ben Shapiro. The report claimed that Youtube was radicalizing young people toward the extreme right. The story was carried by almost

Ocasio-Cortez And The Far Left Are Poisoning Democrat Policy

Ocasio-Cortez And The Far Left Are Poisoning Democrat Policy. When it comes to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez her repeated gaffes and nonsensical statements becomes easy targets for the right to go after policy positions. Ocasio-Cortez was paraded around by Democrats so much that she became to prominent

Far Left Media Is Dying Because Gen-Z Is Too Conservative

Far Left Media Is Dying Because Gen-Z Is Too Conservative. Study after study shows the trend, generation z is becoming conservative and mostly resembles libertarians or moderate Republicans. This is a dramatic shift from Millennials who are overwhelmingly progressive. What happens then is that these

Russian Bot Narrative Completely EXPOSED As Fake News??

Evidence Suggests Massive Smear Against Republicans EXPOSED after new evidence as come to light. The New York Times previously reported that Democratic operatives engaged in a false flag to smear Roy Moore in the Alabama Senate race. Initially the Chief executive of the company in

Thank You Patreon For Destroying My Income -$5,219.75

Patreon’s Actions have led to my income falling over $5,000 per month and they know it. Banning Sargon was a push on the line, action against the center. They stated that certain people don’t want to be associated with “free speech” but they leave up

Democrats CAUGHT In Russian Bot “False Flag” Smear Campaign

Democrats CAUGHT In Russian Bot “False Flag” Smear Campaign in the Alabama special election. A group called new Knowledge is claiming that the admitted false flag against Republicans was just a small experiment. They were responsible for a mas amount of presumably Russian bots following

Tucker Boycott, Sargon Ban Prove Social Justice Is Just A Cover

Tucker Boycott, Sargon Ban Prove Social Justice Is Just A Cover and that Activists don’t really care. Nate Silver came to the defense of Tucker and social justice activists accused him of just being a white male and not understanding marginalization, except he does as

Activists Target Top Patreon Accounts, Proving Hypocrisy

Activists Target Top Patreon Accounts, Proving Hypocrisy. A few top podcasts have histories of breaking Patreon’s rules and some activists have begun to highlight these channels. One thread on reddit was recently removed as it provided proof of a top Patreon podcast overtly breaking the

Activists Are Targeting Tucker Carlson, Show Losing Sponsors

Activists Are Targeting Tucker Carlson, Show Losing Sponsors. Following statements made by Tucker Carlson about immigration and the migrant caravan social justice activists began sending letters and complaints to companies running ads on his program. Several sponsors have pulled out of the show so far.

Lefty Millennial Media Companies Are Collapsing, Investors Pull Out

Lefty Millennial Media Companies Are Collapsing, Investors Pull Out. Vice and Vox have both missed revenue projections, Disney has written down their investment in Vice by 157 Million dollars, and Buzzfeed resorted to selling cookware at Walmart. Social justice, the far left, and intersectional feminism

Pewdiepie, Elon Musk SMEARED By Desperate Mainstream Media

60 minutes edited an interview of Elon Musk to make him look bad and more smears come at Pewdiepie over his recommendation of another youtube channel. The fake news stories are clickbait meant to drive traffic to a desperate mainstream media facing collapse. Not a

Gavin McInnes BANNED From Youtube, And Now Every Platform (UPDATED)

Gavin McInnes BANNED From Youtube, And Now Every Platform. Yesterday we heard that the Proud Boys Founder was removed from BlazeTV, formerly CRTV, for reasons that are unclear. Over the past few months the proud boys and Gavin have been banned from various platforms. With

The Regressive Social Dystopia Is Upon Us And Will Get Worse

The Regressive Social Dystopia Is Upon Us And Will Get Worse. Sargon of Akkad was banned from Patreon over saying a naughty word, regardless of context. This means that the idea he was trying to convey will be stunted even though his intent was to

Social Justice Outrage Mob Ousted Kevin Hart From Oscars

Kevin Hart CAVED To Moral Outrage Mob, Apologizes Twice. People pulled up old tweets from comedian Kevin Hart to drum up controversy over him hosting the Oscars. At first he refused to apologize stating that he had already apologized years ago and wasn’t going to

Macron Has Failed, French Protesters Call For Act 4 Saturday

Macron Has Failed, French Protesters Call For Act 4 Saturday. The French Government announced they would suspend the tax hike and they would halt the rising cost of electricity and gas. But the “yellow vests” have said this is crumbs and rejected the appeasement. Now

Antifa And Nationalists Fighting Side by Side Against Macron

Antifa And Nationalists Fighting Side by Side Against Macron shows that the president of France has screwed this one up pretty badly. To rally the middle class, nationalists, and antifa to riot against you takes some serious failure. But the reality is that even though

Twitter Stock Falls Amid Laura Loomer Protest, Conservative Backlash

Twitter Stock Falls Amid Laura Loomer Protest, Conservative Backlash. Yesterday the top story in the US was Laura Loomer protesting at Twitter HQ but at the same time Reuters reported that Twitter stock was falling amid conservative backlash. It started to recover but took another

Why Social Justice And The Far Left Are Doomed To Collapse

Social Justice And The Far Left Are Doomed To Collapse due to internal inconsistency within itself. They advocate for the rights of groups at odds with each other and for positions that can’t be brought together. You can’t advocate for Abrahamic fundamentalists while also advocating

They’re LYING, Migrants Storming Border Are NOT Asylum Seekers

They’re LYING, Migrants Storming The US Border Are NOT Asylum Seekers. These people broke off from those actually being granted shelter and aid in an effort to illegally enter the US. They refused asylum and refugee status in mexico, they refused job offers Mexico. Yet

Democrats Have Started Condemning Immigration In Europe

Immigration Crushed Europe, Migration Is Bad Says John Kerry at an event. When talking about the problems of climate change he warned that if we don’t get a handle on the issue you will have climate refugees and “hordes” of people “knocking on your door.”

Migrant Caravan Plans “Human Stampede,” Confirms DHS Report

Migrant Caravan Plans “Human Stampede,” Confirms DHS Report. We are also hearing that now a SIXTH migrant caravan has been apprehended in Mexico as more economic migrants seek to come to the US for work. While many claim that people are seeking asylum we have

Mexican Protesters: “Trump Was Right, This Is An Invasion”

Mexican Protesters say “Trump Was Right, This Is An Invasion” as protests escalate in Tijuana. Currently the migrant caravan is about 3,000 strong in Tijuana and residents are upset as more and more people show up everyday. We are starting to see protesters use Trump

Antifa Beat Up an Innocent Jewish Man In Philadelphia

He was unaffiliated with antifa or any group for that matter. He simply wanted to observe what was happening with some friends. But that didn’t stop antifa from calling him facsist and every name in the book. In response to the hysteria antifa and far

Social Justice and Far Left Ideology Is Corrupting Science

Far Left Ideology Is Infecting Science And Becoming Policy. We can see it in various forms. Fighting against Nuclear energy, fighting against GMO, and the most recent example denying biological dimorphism in humans. These beliefs then get pushed into the mainstream and become policy and

Progressives and Far Left Start War With Democratic Elites

Ocasio-Cortez Leads Protest Against Democrats after she lead a sit in at Nancy Pelosi’s office. Many people were left wondering why the newly elected representative would protest democrats over climate change instead of republicans. Nancy Pelosi supports climate change legislation so why are far left

Tucker Carlson Shows Culture War Escalating To Civil War

Tuck Carlson Shows Culture War Escalating To Civil War after a violent group vandalized his home and threatened his family. Many call this a protest but it certainly is not, it is an escalation into violence and intimidation for political reasons. Beyond this incident though

The Blue Wave Failed, Republicans Won Out Overall

Democrats Will Take the House and the GOP Sees Historic Senate Win. Not since Kennedy has a President’s party been able to gain this many seats in the Senate and hold a majority. Though the Democrats should be very happy with their winning the House

Journalist Says Far Left Is NOT Representative

Published November 5th, 2018 – Tim Pool See Also: (Tim Pool) – Republicans Will Win Midterms, Polls Are Wrong Republicans Will Win Midterms, Polls Are Wrong at least in my opinion. Many people asked why the Democrats lost the 2016 election when polls shows them

Kavanaugh Accuser CONFESSED To Making False Accusation

False Kavanaugh Allegations Are Backfiring On The Left as we now learn of a fourth person to recant on their allegations. This means there are three complete retractions of claims against Brett Kavanaugh and one partial retraction. Throughout the process Democrats tried to use claims

Third Migrant Caravan Is Reportedly Armed, Clashed At Border

UPDATE: Trump clarified they do not intend to fire on the migrants but will arrest them. Mexican Official Claims Some Migrants In the third Caravan Are Armed . This news comes as Reuters reports a third group has started to make its way to the

Social Justice Ideology Within Google Escalates, Huge Protest

College Social Justice Protests Have Entered The Workforce. Among their list of demands over abuse allegations, google staffers around the world demanded that the company institute a policy of hiring people based on gender and race at all levels of the company and be penalized

Censorship Has Won, The Banning Of Gab Proves It

Censorship Has Won, The Banning Of Gab Proves It. One by one various companies cut off Gab even though according to a study 94.6% of their content would not violate the rules of any other social media platform. Yet because of negative press the site

Migrant Caravan Refuses Mexican Offer of Refugee Status

Migrant Caravan Refuses Mexican Offer of Refugee Status and insist on making their way to the US. This will present an issue for democrats entering the mid term as Trump has rallied around the idea of border security and the wall in response to thousands

Kavanaugh Accusers Lied, Referred To FBI For Investigation

Kavanaugh Accusers Lied, Referred To FBI For Investigation. While we don’t know the full details we can now say according to NBC News that Julie Swetnick and another unnamed witness provided statements under penalty of felony but later recanted some of those statements. One woman

U.S. Troops Being Sent To Southern Border, Migrant Caravan

U.S. Troops Being Sent To Southern Border, Migrant Caravan. As the migrant caravan makes its way closer to the US border, albeit very slowly, escalating calls for security have come from Trump. It is reported that today officials are planning to send 800 US troops

Clinton, Obama, Soros, CNN, And Others Sent Live Explosves

Clinton, Obama, Soros, CNN, And Others Sent Live Devices. As of the filming of this video everyone appears to be safe and the USSS has everything under control. The devices were intercepted at the post office it seems. But many people are speculating as to

Democrat Blue Wave Is Failing, Republicans Gain In Midterm Polls

Democrats “Blue Wave” Is Failing, Republicans Make Gains. Polls are showing that republicans are making gains in the Senate and have a chance to maintain a majority in the house. For all the talk leading up to the mid terms from the democratic party about

Regressive Left is ANGRY About being called NPCs

Published on Oct 14th, 2018 – Tim Pool See Also: (Tim Pool) – They Mocked Alex Jones Then They Got Banned Next (w/ Mike Cernovich) They Mocked Alex Jones Then They Got Banned Next. Mike Cernovich joins me to discuss fake news and censorship in

Historic Republican Turnout? Are The Polls WRONG Again?!

Historic Republican Turnout? Are The Polls WRONG Again?! In 2016 we all saw the failure of mainstream media as they all predicted Hillary would win… and she didnt. Today we see polls showing the democrats reclaiming a house majority but perhaps we are seeing the

Antifa Loses Nearly Every Conflict and Hurts The Democrats

Antifa May Be The Biggest Liability For Democrats as they instigate conflict with right wing groups causing the general public to move towards republicans. Not only that but they lose every time they start a conflict. NYPD has recently made an arrest of one of

The NPC Meme Perfectly Explains Why “The Left Can’t Meme”

The NPC Meme Perfectly Explains Why “The Left Can’t Meme.” NPC is meant to describe someone who doesn’t think critically. Memeing requires a mass amount of individuals constantly evolving an idea and constantly making it funnier. The right has embraced the humor and fun while

Elizabeth Warren’s DNA Test Will Backfire On Democrats

Elizabeth Warren Just Hurt the Democrats, Bad. There are only about 21 days out from the midterms and Warren just published dubious data to counter Donald Trump’s insults and it proves literally nothing. The only thing Warren did was prove that Democrats will lose focus

Meme Magic, How Conservatives Are Able To Keep Winning

Meme Magic is real, its how Conservatives Are Able To Keep Winning. It is their not so secret weapon. Memes are meant to be fun and funny. The right is constantly making inside jokes (the latest is the NPC meme) and funny images to spread

Antifa Beat and Robbed Man Leaving Gavin McInnes Event

Antifa Beat and Robbed Man Leaving Gavin McInnes Event. According to Buzzfeed news three men were arrested and police witnessed them beating a man. According to Witnesses they were chanting things in line with Antifa protests that had been going on nearby. This happened at

Mass PURGE Of Alternative Media On Facebook and Twitter

Facebook Just PURGED Over 800 Political Accounts for what they call spamming and inauthentic behavior. Many of those banned are crying foul saying they didn’t break any rules. Some believe this is Facebook purging political content just before the mid terms to prevent “meddling.” Is

Study Shows Conservatives Outnumber Progressives 3 to 1

New Study Is Bad News For Progressive Activists as it shows 80% of Americans think political correctness is a problem. It shows that progressive activists only make up 8% of the country but conservatives make up 25%. Even more interesting for those focused on social

Gender Diversity Initiatives BACKFIRE, Get Canceled

Gender Blind Diversity Initiatives BACKFIRE, Get Canceled. The latest news is that Amazon used an artificial intelligence to bring about greater diversity in the hiring process. However the social justice initiative had the opposite effect with the AI slowly learning to discriminate against women. Other

Conservatives Are Winning The Media War

Conservatives are Dominating the Media Landscape by most metrics. Cable TV ratings shows that Fox news has THREE times thew viewership of MSNBC and CNN combined in primetime ratings. Across Digital, Daily Wire has more engagements on social media than ALL Top left wing publishers

The Truth About False Accusations in The US

False accusation doesn’t specifically mean the story was made up* It could be that someone was wrongly identified as a criminal The truth about false accusations in the US is that we really don’t know for sure what the percent of false claims are. We

Democrats Are On A Losing Streak And Keep Doubling Down

Democrats Are On A Losing Streak And Keep Doubling Down. Even in the face of prominent leaders on the left telling them to change certain tactics it seems like they are their own worst enemies. Right now people on Twitter are freaking out about Kavanaugh

Democrats Embracing The Far Left is Backfiring

Democrats Embracing The Far Left is Backfiring as the far left keeps taking actions that results in Republicans making gains. As more people on the left eschew Liberals for Leftists we can see the Republicans making gains in the polls. Most Americans support general social

Calls For Militant Escalation If Kavanaugh Is Confirmed

On Twitter many people are calling for militant escalation if Kavanaugh gets confirmed. Even Michael Moore joined the chorus by praising militant protesters. But we know how the protests went on January 20th at Donald Trump’s Inauguration; a limo was torched, windows shattered, and hundreds

Kavanaugh Hearings Are Backfiring On The Democrats, Bad

Kavanaugh Hearings Are Backfiring On The Democrats, Bad. A new poll from NPR shows that the hearings have roused the GOP base stripping the advantage the Democrats had in the coming mid term elections. Regardless of what you think about Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey

Major Hoax Proves Regressive Left Rampant In College

A Major Hoax Proves Regressive Ideology Rampant In College. Three academics spent a year writing fake papers and submitting them to major academic journals. In one instance they used an algorithm to generate “rambling nonsense” and the paper was accepted. Some of their papers are

The Regressive Left Is Eating It’s Male Feminist Allies

The regressive left is a world where you are guilty until presumed innocent. This means that their easiest target are the male feminist allies who agree with this worldview. When they make an accusation against one of their own there is no defense, there is

Has Social Justice Become Too Extreme?

Can Social Justice Go Too Far? Recently a professor gave a presentation about how men are being discriminated against in physics due to ideology and not merit. His talk was pulled from the CERN website due to being offensive. My opinion is that social justice

We Are In A Cold Civil War And It’s Getting Worse

We are in what is called the Cold Civil War. The partisan divide has been growing steadily since the beginning of the decade and we can now actually see just how bad it is based on Pew Research data. Carl Bernstein said we are looking

FIVE Claims Against Kavanaugh, No Merit To Any Of Them

Five claims have been made against Brett Kavanaugh and each has been shown to be without merit. I can only assume that now random people are coming forward and they shouldn’t be entertained at all. From wild claims to anonymous claims there has been no

Julie Swetnick Claims About Kavanaugh Are Crazy, WTH is Going On?

New allegations have been made against Brett Kavanaugh and they are some of the most insane things I’ve ever heard. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying they aren’t true but man does this sound ridiculous. Many are now demanding that the confirmation hearing be

UPDATE and Response to the Data Society Smear Campaign

UPDATE and Response to the Data Society Smear Campaign The study has no data, makes fake connections, and one of their board members is directly connected to actual “natzees” and has been accused of actually providing cover for and defending their rights. If Data and

Allegations Against Kavanaugh Have LOST ALL Credibility

Abuse claims made against Brett Kavanaugh have no credibility at this point as several figures named by Christine Blasey Ford deny knowledge and even deny knowing Brett Kavanaugh. A new allegation was made but even the New York Times says they could not corroborate any

Proof Of The Deep State Exposed?! DOJ Responds to O’Keefe

Proof of the Deep State has been exposed! At least if you follow Project Veritas as this is what they claim in a series of videos documenting members of the Democratic Socialists of America doing work inside the government. But is it really proof of

Verge Called out For Fake News Deflects Using Social Justice

Fake news often uses social justice to deflect criticism but this only works when talking about abstract concepts and intangible subjects. When the Verge built a PC wrong they got called out, the producer tried to use some kind of social justice defense but it

Venezuela’s Minimum Wage Hike Forces 40% of Stores to Close

Venezuela just enacted a 3,500% increase to salaries and are not allowing businesses to increase the cost of goods and services to cover the increased wages. This is resulting in 40% of businesses simply shutting down due to an inability to function. Many people in

Dalai Lama Sparks Outrage, Says Refugees Should Go Home

Recently at a conference the Dalai Lama, a renowned spiritual and world leader, said that “Europe Belongs to Europeans” and that refugees should go home and rebuild their own countries. The comment was made following large gains by Sweden Democrats, who are considered to be

Conservatives Win? Nike’s Kaepernick Campaign Is Backfiring

Nike sales are up and people are claiming that this is proof they did the right thing with hiring Colin Kaepernick. But market research data shows that ALL demographics, even democrats, view Nike less favorably following their campaign. The controversy may have resulted in a

Is This Evidence Of Collusion to BAN Alex Jones?

CNN was able to publish a story about Alex Jones 2 minutes before Twitter announced Jones would be banned. This in turn allowed CNN to, in a sense, profit off of a story in which they are a subject. Oliver Darcy said that Jones was

Brett Kavanaugh Protesters Caught Being Paid At Hearing?!

Photos have emerged allegedly showing protesters receiving cash from an organizer outside the Brett Kavanaugh hearing. Many are now decrying the action as they claim protesters are being paid to protest.   But what is actually going on? Are they really being paid or is

Conservative Boycott of NIKE May Already be Working Tim Pool

Conservatives are calling for a NIKE boycott after the company launched an ad featuring Colin Kaepernick. In the early morning we saw NIKE stock fall with some outlets reporting a connection to the boycott. So is the Nike boycott actually causing the stock fall or

Women Are Getting Attacked in Gender Neutral Rooms

New Data out of the UK says that nearly 90% of incidents against women happen in Gender Neutral rooms. The debate over how to best accommodate people has floated between gender neutral rooms and allowing anyone to use whichever room they choose. but with this

Conservatives May have Just Won Another Culture War Battle

Conservative may have just won another battle in the culture war as many people are reporting that their QFD shadow bans have been lifted. While it is possible that the lift is not political it was an issue being decried by mostly conservative voices with

Muslims Forced to Eat Pork Islam Treated as “Mental Illness”

Around one million muslims have been detained in Chinese internment camps over the view that their religion is a “psychological disease” American Lawmakers are now speaking out demanding that the US government impose sanctions to end the mass incarceration of Uighurs over their religious beliefs.

Far Left Eats Its Own, Wil Wheaton Censored, Suspended

Wil Wheaton has been smeared and lied about, insulted to the point of deciding to leave social media. After leaving Twitter he went to far left Mastodon which went after him to such an extent that even though he broke no rules they decided to

Why are Anti-White Identitarians Prevalent in Mainstream News?

Anti-White identitarianism is still identitarianism. News outlets, mostly digital, are entrenched in this ideology and I have to wonder why. In any form identitarianism encourages more of the same behavior from other groups. If anti white sentiment becomes pervasive among digital media and then the

Why Democrats are Embracing Anti-Capitalism and Socialists

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez has been called the future of the Democratic Party. Cortez is a member of the Democratic Socialists of America, a group that calls for an end to private profit and end to capitalism. Many people don’t understand that under socialism you do

CNN Called Out For Fake News About Trump, Refuses to Correct

CNN has been called out by Washington post and many others that their reporting on michael Cohen and Trump’s knowledge of a Trump Tower meeting is in fact incorrect. Lanny Davis, lawyer for Cohen, says he should have been more clear when he made claims

Ocasio Cortez Faces Backlash For Comment on John McCain

John McCain has passed and many have voiced their respect for his lifetime of service. One of those people is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who called him an example of unparalleled human decency. But many on the far left are furious that Cortez would praise a man

American Culture is being DESTROYED by The Culture War

The Culture War has no rules, it is simply a no holds barred fight over the power of various tribes. People lose their jobs over political opinions and now people are losing jobs and opportunity over the actions of their parents and grandparents. This insanity

Journalists are LYING about Trump and The South Africa Issue

Journalists are up in arms that Trump is “dog whistling” with his tweet about white farmers in South Africa. Which is strange because not even a year ago many mainstream sources including the Associated press were covering this story. Even Newsweek wrote about it and

The Truth About White Farmers in South Africa

What is the truth about white farmers in South Africa? Donald Trump instructed Pompeo to look into the issue after seeing a story on Fox news. Immediately the far left said this was just a conspiracy theory but is that true? What is actually going

The Guy Antifa Put in the Hospital Was A Bernie Voter?!

Antifa got physical with a man carrying an American flag at the recent Patriot Prayer / Proud Boy Rally in Portland. They took a club to his head and put him in the hospital with a concussion. Most people assumed this man was a Trump

Ocasio-Cortez Called Out Over MAJOR Public Screw Up

Journalists are calling out Ocasio-Cortez for a major campaign screw up. At two events Cortez BANNED the press outright from attending, a move not even Donald Trump has been bold enough to pull off. The left routinely calls out Trump for his bad rhetoric on

“The Resistance” and Wil Wheaton Promoting Hate and Fascism?

Wil Wheaton and many members of “The Resistance” are advocating joining Counter Social, a website created by The Jester. The Jester is a known American patriot hacktivist who targets anti american actors such as Anonymous and Fundamentalist Muslims. His behavior is usually associated with the

BAN Alex Jones or The Leftists Will Delete Their Accounts(UPDATED)

UPDATE: After Filming this it was announced that Occupy London was BANNED on Facebook.… Socialists, Communists, and Anarchist have always been undesirable in the eyes of the government yet for some reason its the far left advocating censorship on social media. They seem not to

Why Did They Censor Another Independent Journalist?

An Independent Journalist, Ford Fischer, had his livestream shut down in the middle of a broadcast for dubious reasons. Its possible it was an accident but the reason given why they deleted his broadcast seems totally incorrect. This isn’t the first time Independent media has

This Is The Only Reason They Want Conservatives Banned

There have been several instances where conservatives have mimicked tweets from liberals and been banned for it. Why does Twitter allow some speech and not others? Why do activists, who dont follow conservatives and even had them blocked, want them to be banned entirely? Its

Proud Boys BANNED, H3H3 Shut Down For Discussing Alex Jones

UPDATE: 8:22 PM EST @TEAMYOUTUBE Hi Ethan – Our team looked into this and determined the live stream was taken down incorrectly. The strike has been removed. Our apologies and thank you for your patience!… The Proud Boys and Gavin McInnes have been banned