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MUST WATCH: Tim Canova – A Fight for FL District 23

This interview will definitely go down as one of the most important pieces I have done. Tim Canova has been fighting corruption and election fraud in earnest against Brenda Snipes and the machines of BOTH parties for three years. PLEASE watch and share this interview

Rant: Rampant Voter Fraud

Published on Nov 12th, 2018 – Tracy Beanz – My apologies for this rant, but I needed to get some of this off of my chest. See Also: (Tracy Beanz) – Part I Analysis: Bongino interviews P-Dop I dissect the first 30 minutes of the

An Interview with a Hero

This interview was hard for me to do but I wanted everyone to hear his story and see what has happened to some of the first responders on 9/11. Pat is a hero in more ways than one, and I hope this sheds light on

The Week (so far) in a Quick Summary

Make sure to listen to “Dark to Light” tomorrow at 5PM EST! You can find it on Stitcher, Tune-In, Google Play, Apple Podcasts, and on

Bombshell: McCabe OIG Report and Loretta Lynch

Published on Apr 15th, 2018 INFO: OIG REPORT:…… Prince Interview:… Timeline:… Giuliani:…… See Also: (Tracy Beanz) – Continuation: What did I say at the end of my last Video? (And more) I don’t understand what happened with the sound, but here is the

The You Tube PURGE… & New #Q

In the past few days You Tube has PURGED many REAL NEWS channels that have dared to speak truth about the Florida school shooting. Tracy Beanz joins me to discuss this obviously ILLEGAL political FREE SPEECH discrimination, and the many remaining questions surrounding the Florida

Q: The STORM is REAL and It’s HERE.

Our friend Tracy Beanz and some of the insiders from the 4chan, 8chan and CBTS Reddit boards join me for a round table discussion about #Q. And one thing about which we all agree quickly becomes clear, the Storm is REAL and it is upon