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Fauci’s lies are putting the American people in danger

Tulsi Gabbard – Fauci is wrong. The “real danger” isn’t unvaccinated people – it’s his continued lie claiming vaccines & cloth/paper masks prevent catching & spreading COVID (only tightly-fitted N95/KN95 respirators work) and ongoing taxpayer funding for dangerous ‘Gain of function’ experiments. See Also: (Tulsi

The Democratic Party is Being Controlled

It’s now clear to everyone that the so-called “progressive” wing of the Democratic Party lacks the courage and compassion required to stand up to the warmongers who own/control the Dem Party. Indeed, they too have become warmongers in order to advance their political careers. See

Get our troops out of Iraq & Syria now

When we put our troops in harm’s way it’s critical there’s a clear objective that actually serves our country’s national security interests. Our troops in Iraq and Syria are being put in unnecessary risk, in a quagmire with no clear mission… See Also: (Tulsi Gabbard)

Afghanistan: Gravy Train for the Warmongers

The Afghanistan War has been a gravy train for military contractors, corrupt politicians & warlords. My new bill will call for a congressional investigation. It’s time for accountability. As president, I commit to immediately bring our troops home, complete within a few months.

Demand the Truth About Saudi 9/11 Involvement

Join me in standing with the first responders and families of 9/11 victims in their fight for truth & justice — demand the Trump Administration declassify and release ALL information regarding Saudi’s involvement in 9/11 attack. Add your name: #TULSI2020 #TULSIGABBARD #911 #SAUDIS

Assange holds back tears, as rigged extradition to US looms

The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris discuss WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s appearance in a UK court, where he appeared struggled to recall his name and often times looked confused and distraught as to what was happening to him. See Also: (The Duran) –

Israeli Journalist Rips Anti-BDS Resolution Passed By House

The Jimmy Dore Show – Published on Jul 30th, 2019 See Also: (TJDS) – Google Screws Tulsi & She Sues For $50 million Also: (TJDS) – Environmentalist Sounds Alarm On Fracking & Gov. Corruption Also: (TJDS) – Tulsi Gabbard Shuts Down War Mongering Tim Ryan

Tulsi Gabbard torches Kamala Harris on Criminal Justice Reform

Tulsi Gabbard takes on Kamala Harris over her prosecutorial record in California and her record on criminal justice reform, the death penalty, and the war on drugs during the second Democratic presidential debate in Detroit. See Also: (Tulsi Gabbard) – Watch the 9 minutes that

Tulsi Gabbard tells Tucker why she is suing Google

2020 presidential hopeful Rep. Tulsi Gabbard accuses search giant Google of censoring her message when it briefly suspended her campaign advertising account following the first Democratic presidential debate.

Stop Trump from waging illegal Iran War

Here we go again! The US sending more troops to Middle East for what will be disastrous war with Iran. To prevent Trump and future presidents from waging war illegally (without Congress approval) we must sign my No More Presidential Wars Act.

Tulsi Gabbard Gives Us the Memorial Day Message We Need!

News 4 A Change – Published on May 27, 2019 – Tulsi Gabbard recently put Memorial Day into perspective as only she could. See Also: (WAC) – What’s NEXT For Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning Also: (WAC) – The Bilderberg 2019 Location Still a Secret!!

It’s Time To Bring Our Troops Home #MemorialDay

While the politicians make empty, hollow, phony speeches on Memorial Day, they continue to send my brothers and sisters into wars that are impossible to win, because there is yet no definition of what “victory” would be. These aren’t just “troops.” They’re PEOPLE—friends and comrades,

Trump Blindly Leading Us Down War Path

Intelligence officials and politicians led us into war with Iraq. Now, Trump is using the same playbook to lead our country into war with Iran. The cost in lives and treasure will be infinitely greater than the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria, and will

Homelessness and the ‘Peace Dividend’

Homelessness impacts rural areas as well as urban centers, stemming from medical debt, job insecurity, and lack of affordable housing. Instead of wasting trillions of dollars on regime change wars, the new cold war, and arms race we must use our precious resources for the

End Our Unholy Alliance with Saudi Arabia

Trump/Pence continue to try to hide the truth from their Christian supporters–the terrorist attacks on Christians/Christian churches in Sri Lanka and elsewhere are inspired by extremist Saudi ideology that Saudi Arabia spends billions of dollars propagating worldwide.

Trump Vetoes War Powers Act to Please His Saudi Masters

By vetoing the War Powers Act, Trump again proves that he is the servant of Saudi Arabia–the theocratic dictatorship which spends billions of dollars every year spreading the most extreme and intolerant form of Islam around the world, supports al-Qaeda and other jihadists, and is

Dark Day For Journalism As Assange Arrested

The Jimmy Dore Show – Published on Apr 13th, 2019 See Also: (The Jimmy Dore Show) – Tulsi Defends Assange Powerfully On CNN Also: (TJDS) – Tucker Carlson Defends Assange. Huh?

Will Trump Be Able To Pull Out?

In this video, we give you the latest breaking news on the state of the union address by Trump, and how the nation is really doing, as well as the conflicts abroad in the rest of the world. No matter what he may say it

Venezuela Propaganda Debunked – People Are Against Coup

Published on Jan 27th, 2019 – The Jimmy Dore Show See Also: (The Jimmy Dore Show) – NYTimes Journo Melts Down On Joe Rogan’s Show Published on Feb 4th, 2019 – The Jimmy Dore Show Also: (The Jimmy Dore Show) – NBC’s Jawdropping McCarthyite Smear

Gabbard speaks on Syria

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, who recently visited with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, speaks about her opposition to the Trump administration’s missile strike on Syria. “How do we bring about peace?” she said. “It is not by dropping more bombs.”