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The Economy Is Imploding At A Faster Pace & You Need To Be Prepared

Initial jobless claims magically surge. The real estate market is falling apart, reality and manipulated stats are going there separate way. Venture Capitalist in San Fran and Silicon Valley are drying up and office space is empty. 50% of Americans don’t have $500 in their

The Deep State Distraction Tactic Is Pushing Trump To Face Putin

The deep state is now creating events to distract the people from Obamagate. Susan Rice was not investigator she was a staffer so there was no reason for her to unmask anyone. Germans are worried about more refugees coming into their country. The deep state

The Deep State Is Going All In With Syria

Bannon says he was not demoted. Nunes recuses himself because of false allegations. Deep state is trying to make it seem like everyone in Government is unmasked which really means they were spied on. SK develops a ballistic missile that can reach NK, timing is