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Know Your Enemy, More Arrests, There Is No Spoon

Deep state treasury leaker has been arrested. Supreme Court will take on the case that might give a ruling on whether social media falls under the first amendment. Trump orders the recordings in the Khashogi mystery. The MSM pushing the agenda that Trump is protecting

Biggest Threat & Too Independent, Goodbye [Fed]

Car sales around the world are plunging, especially the European market. Housing permits and starts have declined once again and this follows mortgages imploding on themselves. The debt level is skyrocketing and there is no way to stop it, this is part of the plan

Trump Confirms Plan, It’s All Working

US job opening hits a record high, 1.2 million job vacancies. The statistical information is so far from reality right now, if this was true we would see wages sky rocketing, but we don’t. The American people are not keeping up with the inflation, from

DECLAS Timed, Foreign Allies Object To DECLAS,???

It is now being reported that the FBI has concealed information that shows Trump never colluded with Russia. Foreign Allies are telling Trump not to declassify the document, the question is how do the foreign allies know whats in there. The entire plan by the

Warning To Trump, Unwise To Mess With The Central Bank

Sears files for bankruptcy, CEO steps down. The retail problem is not going away it is going to get a lot worse. Retail sales declined, restaurants are reporting spending has declined.Russia is making plans with many countries to cut the Federal Reserve Note out of

Alice, Wonderland, Panic, New Playbook

Huge majority of the American population does believe in political correctness according to a new survey and report. Obama takes credit for the release of Brunson. Clinton requested for her security clearance to be removed, why? The deep state is using the disappearance of the

Whistleblower Reveals System Is Rigged, [Central Bank System]

Brexit negotiations are breaking down, no deal has been made and this is exactly what the central bank wants.IMF admits they were wrong with their forecasts, amazing the timing of the IMF admitting that their forecasts are wrong. ECB is now warning of bubbles, the

Internet Blackout Warning For Next 48 Hours

Fusion GPS author Steele will plead the 5th. The Hill puts up an article of why [RR] must recuse himself. The Senate approved a package for judicial nominees. Obama and the deep state were prepared to if Trump didn’t concede his loss during the election

This Is Why The Fed Will Be Taken Down

With market fluctuating up and down many financial pundits say gold is going to rise above 1300. If the price of gold does move up and the central bank has difficulty smacking it down with paper contracts that means the manipulation is coming to an

Swamp Being Drained, Hint Of A Time Line

RR will not hand over the subpoenas and will not testify in front of congress. Judicial Watch has court date to get the emails from the Clinton server. US arrests a Chinese spy has been stealing the US secrets. Israel tells Russia they want the

The World As We Know Is About To Change

Trump confuses press with paid protestors remark and then says some didn’t get check. Maxine Waters under investigation regarding her campaign.Assad grants amnesty to army deserters, but not those who committed crimes. Pelosi order FOIA on the FBI investigation which puts Feinstein in a tough

Confirmed, Contradict The Fed, Economy Collapse Blame The Fed

Global liquidity is rapidly shrinking as more central bankers begin to taper. The central banks know that they system cannot go any further so they need to bring it down and blame it on Trump fiscal policies. This is what the central banks are doing

History In The Making,Ready For Arrests, Tribunals & Pain

Kavanaugh is moving forward to the next phase to become the next SC Justice. More evidence pops up that leads back to Ford’s friend McClean. Trump makes the announcement for the first time, Soros is behind the protests. Q drops more bread, Q explains how

Sting Operation Active, The Coverup, Comms Active

Trump is going to sit down with tech giants to discuss the issue of banning. Pompeo is going to visit with NK leaders again. The US decided to break the 1955 treaty with Iran. Syria is now protected with the S-300 missile system. The Presidential

The Beginning Indicator That Signals The End Of The Fed

ADP rebounds as Aug is revised. The plan is moving forward, use the manipulation that had been used in the past to make the economy look incredible. US services economy is bouncing all over the place and a lot doesn’t make sense, hello manipulation. The

Operators Standing By, Stay Tuned & Watch ‘Red October’

FBI launches an investigation into the allegations made by Dr. Ford. Trump expands the investigation. Meanwhile Rachel Mitchell says that there is not enough to go on to make a case.Professor Cleveland reviews the entire testimony of Dr. Ford and says that she is lying.

High Alert, Social Media Blackout, Comms Activated

Maxine Waters has been accused of releasing personal data on Senators. Dr. Ford’s testimony on her front doors does not match to the timeline of when the two front doors were actually installed. The MSM is pushing the news that NK needs the US to

DECLAS On Its Way, Red October, Presidential-Alert For Clear Comms

During the hearing Dr. Fords lawyer accepted an envelope. The deep state are using every thing they have to stop the confirmation vote. They are preparing a dump of the Russian collusion docs. They are pushing back on the Kavanaugh confirmation. This has been accounted

Global Economy Breakdown Has Accelerated, The Plan Is In Motion

According to Edmunds new vehicle sales for September are exptected to collapse, the auto makers are blaming the tariffs but we know that they are running out of sub prime people and channel stuffing is not working anymore. The global housing crisis has gotten worse,

The Presidential Alert Test & Full Senate Vote On Target

The deep state is pushing their agenda hard against Kavanaugh, they know that can’t all Kavanaugh get confirmed or they are done for. The deep state pushed their playbook with Rod Rosenstein and it failed. Trump would like to meet with the leader of Venezuela

Central Banks Continue To Shift The Narrative Off Of Them

Retailers are complaining that the tariffs are going to hit after the holidays and sales will decline. Sales are going to decline no matter what, this is been happening for the last 10 years, the economy never recovered and retail is getting hit. The housing

Sting Operation In Progress, Swamp Fighting Back, Remain Calm

Kavanaugh’s accuser. New theory about the accuser, it could have been someone that looks like Kavanaugh. Ford is working with Clinton former advisor. Trump releases two names of the returned soldiers from NK. Lavrov said this is the first step to get rid of the

PANIC, FEAR, Red Lines, Hidden Messages In Tweets

Trump want the accuser of Kavanaugh to testify. She said that she wants a full FBI investigation but the FBI says no crime was committed. North Korea and South Korea agree on denuclearization and NK will allow inspectors into the country. New report shows Norway

Faith In The Central Banks Economic System Erodes, Countries React

The central bankers pushed the idea that criminals use cryptocurrency, but we see time and time again that the banking system is being used for criminal activity, Danske bank caught laundering billions of dollars. The housing market continues to implode on itself, permits fall and

Plan Is On Track, Central Banks Begin To Panic

Obama’s trade rep has acknowledged that the old global trade mess needed to be fixed. What is really happening, the globalist trade deals are being terminated. Trump pushes agenda into the stratosphere by placing more tariffs on China.The Fed is trying to use any excuse

Release The Sessions, ]Sessions[ Activated, MOAB Inbound

A new report has been released and it shows that the US Government under Obama spied on journalists and it was kept hidden from the public. The Obama admin used the FISA court to do it. Kavanaugh and his accuser are suppose to testify but

The Central Bankers Have Already Picked A Date For The Crash

The central bankers have set a date of when the system will implode on itself. What this really means is that the economy cannot continue on in its current form and eventually is was going to crash because the real economy not the stats they

DECLAS, A Week To Remember, [RENEGADE] Exposed

Q drops new breadcrumbs, the entire MOAB is about to drop. Trump and the patriots are preparing for this drop that will shock the people of the US. It will not drop all at once, there will be smaller drops in the beginning and then

It Might Happen At All Once, All Sides Scrambling

Central bankers are making the case now that the American people have equity in their homes that they should take out another loan on their home. Mnuchin is selling this home, which means the real-estate market has reached the top and he is getting out

The Deep State Prepares Counter Narrative, Truth Will Win

We are now seeing an all out ban on social media platforms. They deep state is trying to hide the truth, they will not succeed. The deep state is preparing to counter the MOAB, they are using using projection to show the government uses fake

It’s Happening, Get Ready For A New Economic System

Bank of England is warning that if there is no deal BREXIT the entire economic system will come crashing down but the banks will be ok. Central bankers threatening those who want to leave. Sears is going down, they can not survive and in the

The Plan Is In Place, Prepare For The MOAB, Twelve Steps Ahead

Wikileaks associate is still missing but his personal belongings have been found. Google’s video has been leaked to the public. EU passes copyright laws that is going to destroy free speech and allow censorship. John Kerry violates the LOGAN ACT and nothing is being done

The Economic Crisis Is On Schedule

The housing bubble is starting to crack in places where people never thought it would happen. Las Vegas the housing market is booming but now we are seeing cracks in the market. The Federal Tax Receipts are going to enter the negative zone soon. The

Timing Is Everything, Panic In DC, Rats Running, No Place To Hide

Trump signed an executive order to sanction anyone that interferes with the US election.JW is suing the government for the emails on Weiner’s laptop. Jeff Session looking to investigate social media giants. Grand Jury indicts the NM compound individuals. The deep state is pushing their

Central Bankers Are Desperate,First Test Case In The US Ready

The real estate market is declining rapidly, when the Fed raises rates again in Sept the housing market will implode. This will kick off a chain reaction and will hit other industries. The central banks (Fed) have been preparing to have out cash to keep

Attention On Deck, Battle Stations, Prepare If You Have Not

Trump is bringing those that participated in the FISA warrant and having them speak out. He is in the process of weakening them all. New text messages of Strzok and others show they were leaking info to the news. Peace talks continue in Afghanistan. The

T Minus [0:00],Prepare For Release,The Storm Is Here

Obama spied on a reporters and also silenced them when he was president. WH now setting up another meeting with Kim Jong Un. The battle is Syria is on, this is a battle between the good guys and bad guys, we are not fighting Assad’s

It’s All Connected, Prepare For Everything & Anything

Jobless claims drop to 49 year low, everyone has a job or the number are manipulated to the extreme, yup manipulated. ADP reports show slow growth.US factory orders slow. Wells Fargo is trouble again for changing customer information. The bear market is approaching and the

The Public Has The Right To Know, It’s Time To Expose The Lies

Judicial Watch uncovers information that the Podesta group was dealing with Ukraine just like Manafort. Evidence is now pointing towards Obama signing off on the FISA warrant. Trump starts the case of why Mueller is conflicted.JW Sues DOJ for Records About Raid on Michael Cohen’s

The Central Bankers Attempted To Destroy The US, They Have Failed

The central bankers are now threatening the BREXIT, if there is no deal there might be difficulties for several economic sectors. Australians are spending as the housing market collapses. IBM is laying off 20K older American workers and hires 37,000 younger foreign workers. The central

Plan Confirmed, It’s A Go, Systems Terminated

The MSM is reporting that Mueller is going to drop a bombshell, which most likely will fizzle. Google and Mastercard share info without the public knowing. Trump says that Google, Twitter and Amazon might have anti-trust problems. Q drops many breadcrumbs and confirms the plan.

The Globalists System Is Being Taken Apart One Piece At A Time

UMich economic conditions are worsening since the election. The manipulated shows the economy doing well, but the people economy is in imploding. Last time we saw this happen the country went into a recession. Trump rejects EU offer on auto tariffs. Trump claims Bloomberg leaked

The Deep State In Total Panic Because It’s All About To Blow

The White House has a petition to allow the internet to be free from banning. It turns out that Steele was colluding with a sanctioned Russian individual. South Sudan signs a peace deal. Iran might scrap the entire nuclear deal. Russia reports that the White

Big Puzzle Piece Revealed, Follow The Dark Money

Trump comes out and says that social media giants are censoring, it is time to regulate these companies to keep it open and free for everyone. Macron tweets out that everything is changing. Q drops many breadcrumbs that have to do with a big puzzle

The Trap Is Set, Now Comes The Foreshadowing, Think Mirror

Cohen’s lawyer finally admits that his story was not real. Trump continues with dropping his breadcrumbs about Clinton, Comey and the rest. This is foreshadowing of what is to come. The feud between Session and Trump continues to keep all eyes of what is really

The Plan To Remove The Central Bank Is In Motion

Mass layoffs at Well Fargo as a result of declining real estate market. Federal reserve officials are keeping everything in motion, they will be raising interest once again. Trump when asked if the Fed should be independent he side tracked the answer. Russia says its