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The Strike Group Is The Show, Trust The Plan, A Plan Within A Plan

House speaker Paul Ryan will not run for reelection, many other government officials will be resigning and not seeking reelection. Trump signs a new bill to fight online sex trafficking. White Helmets staged another chemical attack in Syria. Russia is investigating ground zero and they

China & Russia Make Their Move, Slowly Shifting The Global Economy

The millennial generation is debt ridden. They have no savings, many have poor jobs and high credit card bills, they have placed life events on pause. Chapter 11 bankruptcies have increased by 63% during this incredible recovery. Manhattan home sales plunge, retail implodes, commercial real

Deep State Actions Coverup, Exposing Plan, NK Playbook ++

A picture of Mueller and the former Ukrainian president, maybe he should be questioned. The deep state is coming for our guns, and this is their plan. FB still in the spotlight and now YouTube has arrived. The story with the Skripals is getting stranger

Indicators Are Off The Charts Signaling A Recession

Soros, Rockefellers and Rothschilds join in and begin purchasing cryptocurrency. These central bankers realize that cryptocurrency is going to change the world and they are beginning to purchase them to maintain control.Subprime auto has imploded, we are back to 2008 levels. The richest 1% own

There Is A Silent War Being Waged Behind The Scenes

Facebook had plans to take people’s private medical records and correlate with their information on Facebook. Zuckerberg’s messages have been deleted which include messages from the executive staff. Russia demolishes the poising hoax. The UK might not get out of this one.Nikki Haley threatens Russia.

The Economic Collapse Fight Has Just Gone To The Next Level

Soros allegedly is going to get into the cryptocurrency market. All jobs were revised from last month and the jobs stats do not look that good. The entire economic system is falling apart. Trump is now taking the economic collapse fight to the next level.

The Wall Is Much More Than Just A Wall

Zuckerberg testifies in front of congress, says its all because of a bug in their software. Russia denied request to join the OPCW. Yulia is now awake and allegedly spoke on the phone. Russia is hoping that they can shed some light on what happened.

China Mentions The ‘Nuclear Option’ We Could Dump Treasuries

India bans bitcoin wallets and trading cryptocurrencies. Venezuela is doing the opposite, they want to pay for goods using their cryptocurrency. The US has the largest trade deficit since the financial crisis. Trump pushes trade wars with China, tries to get other countries involved. China

April, Arrests, A Very Big Month

NYC pension fund President wants Zuckerberg out of Facebook. Trump is determined to redo the immigration laws and he might send the military to the border. Mexico gets Trump’s message and deports hundreds back to their countries.UK authorities have no proof on what type of

Operation Bolton Distraction Is A Go, Deep State On The Move

Facebook employees are very angry with the company and they are speaking out. China sides with Russia on the Skripal false flag event.Turkey breaks with NATO and does not expel Russian diplomats. US admits it does the planning for Saudi Arabia in regards to the

The Great Awakening Is Here, The Choice Is Yours

Facebook, Google, Amazon and other social media platforms are in trouble, they will all be investigated.Clinton speaking engagements are drying up, her payment per speech is down 90%. Investigators are now linking Obama to the FISA spying. Investigations are now officially open looking into the

Counterattack A Go, The Deep Empire Is About To Fall

Facebook is in alot of trouble the FTC is investigating, they are losing the trust of the public, Twitter, Google and Amazon are next. Obama wants to control the alternative media. The Pentagon invested millions in the development of poisons in the the UK. If

Central Banks Are Now Panicking

Home sales are down 4.4% YoY, the economy is moving into a recession. Trump is positioning to take down the economy, the FANG stocks decline, this is all part of the plan to gain the narrative and to show the markets are manipulated. IMF prepares

Boom, The Plan Is In Motion, One Piece At A Time

Paul Manafort’s attorney just moved to have the charges dismissed because Mueller went outside his mandate which was Russian collusion. Boom, the FTC is now investigating Facebook and the investigation will be spreading to Twitter now. Zuckerberg will not hand over information to the UK

Clock Activated, Stage Set, Wait For The Boom, Boom, Boom!

Facebook has been collecting contacts, phone number and everything else. The FTC has opened an official investigation into Facebook, this will spread to the other social media giants. Trump’s new pick John Bolton has everyone scratching their heads why, we must be going to war,

Future Proves Past, Everything Is About To Change

Facebook is feeling the heat, more and more people are looking into Facebook’s practices, this will spread to other social and search media giants. The push for regulations is on. Zuckerberg and other executives are dumping their stocks at a record pace. US, North Korea

The Central Bankers Just Pushed Back Against “The Plan”

Snowden reveals that the NSA has been targeting Bitcoin users and tracking their transactions. The Fed raises rates, they have just fired a shot across the bow to block the plan. The plan is in motion and Trump has started a trade war with the

Stage Is Set, The Push For Regulations And IBOR Begins

Facebook is coming under fire, Q in one of the posts says the stage is set, regulation is on its way, push for IBOR. British government is now saying that Russia has no right to due process, Russia is guilty until they prove they are