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The Battle For the Economic Collapse Narrative Is Heating Up

Trump is now ramping up the criticism against the Fed chair Powell. He is criticizing the interest rate hike. The corporate media and other financial pundits are pushing the narrative that the economy is not at full employment at 3.9%, so the Fed does not

It’s Coming & It’s Going To Hit The Global Economy Like A Tidal Wave

Removing waste in government is something that has to be done, the accounting regulator―than financial report readers. Inflation is about to hit the world, the central banks are continually manipulating these stats but it seems that the manipulation cannot stop reality, inflation it going to

The Establishment Is Now Pushing The Economic Recession Agenda

UMich sentiment slumps to all time lows, people are putting their spending plans on hold. The entire system has been breaking down since 2008. The central bank created an illusion to make each and everyone of use believe the economy recovered, we know it did

The Tables Have Turned, The Deep State Are Now Being [[[[HUNTED]]]]

The new NDAA (John McCain NDAA) was put into law there was a section which allowed the President to strip government employees of their security clearance, it just happened to John Brennan, who’s next. Iran supreme leader says the 2015 negotiations were a mistake. Q

The Central Bankers Are Up To Something

IMF says Spain needs 5 million migrants to pay pensions, what about all the youths that are not working. US household debt hit 13.3 trillion dollars, nothing to worry about. Retail sector rebound with a revision to last month data and the increase in gasoline

The Show Has Just Begun, Welcome To The Swamp

Trump begins the push for making the IG report to become declassified. FBI responds to what they were doing in Little Rock. DNC files suit against Wikileaks and does it via Twitter. Government’s own report shows that poppy fields grew during the US invasion of

The Previews Are Over, It’s Showtime, The World Is Watching

Sessions says the US will not partner with groups that are against the US. People are tired of fake news and the people are telling BBC to switch off. The movement is growing more people want closed borders not open borders. Nikki Haley goes to

Rothschild Just Revealed The Plan And Placed The Blame

Some major changes on how inflation is calculated on autos, plus GM does not report it’s deliveries anymore so all the numbers that come in are estimates. Home buyers are now waiting to see if they buy a home, we saw this happen prior to

The Investigations Come Into The Light, From Dark To Light

Giuliani says that Mueller’s team is done for. Mattis says the plan in Afghanistan is going smoothly and the talks with the Taliban are working. NK comes out with a shocking revelation that the MSM and some inside officials are trying to derail the peace

It’s All About To Intensify, Brace Yourself, Divided No More

Nunes says that Bob Ohr is going to become very important very soon. Judicial Watch wants the DOJ to make sure they keep Comey’s emails intact, according to court documents. The identity of Dianne Feinstein’s Chinese driver has been discovered, this individual is reported to

The Setup Is Complete, Next Phase Is Coming

US DEA admits that criminal activity in cryptocurrencies is declining as the volume increases. There are now more job opening than there are people looking for work, so aren’t wages increasing? The American 1% owed more wealth than anytime in history, we saw this during

The Fed Is Now Cornered By This One Move, Trust The Plan

Brexit is in jeopardy, the central bankers are doing what ever they possibly can to make sure the UK does not leave or they do not break away completely. One of the US largest Mattress firm is going to declare bankruptcy. GDP, savings and unemployment

What You Are Witnessing Now Is Needed Before The Big Drop

FBI docs reveal that Strzok look into the Weiner laptop case and actually start until after the elections. There was an attempt on Maduro’s life during a speech in Venezuela. US says no involvement, most likely this was the intelligence agencies. Iran is already announcing

Everything That Is Happening Now Is To Prepare For The Economic Transition

UK housing market is in trouble, Countrywide the largest real-estate group is having major problems because people cannot afford to purchase homes. The government is manipulating the statistical calculations, it doesn’t matter how much it is manipulated because it will change the fact the economy

Staged Events, Scare Tactics Deployed, They Will Not Succeed

There was a twitter purge of followers and we come to find out that the biggest twitter users were followed by bots. Congress wants CEO of Twitter to explain why they are shadow banning. Russia has moved into the Golan Heights to control the area.

It’s Not Noticeable, & It’s Done This Way For A Reason

Vancouver home sales crash 30%, we are now seeing this occur around the globe and it is spreading. The payroll numbers are in and they miss expectations but unemployment has moved down to 3.9%. The numbers are not that great, high wage jobs are declining,

The Entire System Is Imploding And There Is Only One Fix

Greece is in trouble again, the central bank fix was not a fix, it was a band aid and it was only meant to last for a couple of years, then the country would need more debt. Housing appreciation is beginning to slow, prices are

Is This Really The Recovery Or Is This The Move To A New System

UK household debt is worse than anytime on record. The American intention to purchase a car or a house is declining. Pending homes sales dropped, this falls in line with existing home sales and new home sales, the real estate bubble is popping. Erdogan wants

The FISA Push Is Here, It Will Bring Down The House

The American people will be shocked when they see the redacted FISA memo on Carter Page. Facebook is being sued. TSA is tracking regular everyday American travelers. There is a new leader in Pakistan, change is in the air. Peace talks are moving forward in

The Illusion Will Continue To The End, Then It’s Game Over

Iran is preparing to create their own cryptocurrency to get around the sanctions. The US sanctions will no long work if countries use a different currency system and other countries accept it. The central bank is pushing a 2nd BREXIT vote so they can manipulate

It Has Now Been Confirmed, The Time Is Now

The White House begins put procedures in place to remove the security clearance of certain individuals. Illegals are being reunited with their families, but not all because they do not have parents in the US. Twitter was caught shadow banning, this is a practice of

The Economy Just Went Into Overdrive Or Did It

Durable goods disappoints, the people were not purchasing the big ticket items. Spending on homes dropped, existing, new home purchases declined at a time in the summer when they are suppose to be doing well. The bubble is popping, traffic is drying up. Trump wins

Something Big Just Happened & It’s Going To Change Everything

Judicial Watch wants the FISA transcript of Carter Page. Obama admin shutdown the investigation into selling weapon technology to foreign powers. EU will now pay countries to take refugees even though the flow of refugees is way down. South Korea will remove troops from the

Everything Is Being Put Into Place For The Economic Transition

Housing has now hit the breaking point, this will lead to the collapse of the housing market. Colleges are becoming desperate as the value of the dollar decreases and the people can’t find jobs colleges are now making deals where they will take a portion

Calls To Declassify Grows Louder, Deep State Panics

Peter Strzok wife was put into the SEC position to block all FBI investigations. Carter Page’s FISA exposes the hoax and this is the heavily redacted FISA application. Clapper blames everything on Obama, they are pointing fingers at each other because they know time is

A Week To Remember, Dark To Light

Browder says the US cannot hand him over to Russia interrogators. The Podesta brothers are receiving immunity for their testimony against Manafort. Trump tweets interview with Clinton talking peace with Russia. UK says they have a the person or person’s who poisoned the Skripals, most

The Agenda Is Set, Next Phase The Central Bank

The Fed announced they are not considering digital currency, just like the Fed said back prior to the 2008 recession, they are not predicted or do not see a recession anytime soon. The US debt is not being paid down, the payments are going to

The Plan, Hide Data & Bring The Stock Market Down

Housing market is falling apart very quickly. Starts and permits tumbled YoY and we are now in stage 2 of the housing bubble. Once we hit stage 3 it is game over. The Fed is raising the interest rates, they know this will bring down

Boom, The Entire Plan Has Been Taken To The Next Level

Mueller knows that the Russian’s cannot be extradited to the United States. Putin just called his bluff. Mueller is preparing to protect those who committed crimes by giving them immunity. During a press conference with Trump the lights went out when Trump was explaining that

We Have Hit The Point Of No Return, Be Prepared

Ireland to move its oil reserves out of the UK. Major trouble ahead for the housing market. We are now in stage 2 and once stage 3 hits it is game over. IMF is pushing how trade wars are going to cost 400 billion or

Tick Tock Here Comes The Truth, The Deep State Is Scrambling

Lisa Page might have flipped is now cooperating with the authorities. Rosenstein and Mueller indicted Russians again, but this time they did not include a corporation and they know these Russians will never come to the US, or will they. There is no proof, but

The Strategy Behind The Madness, Moves And Countermoves

The Brexit that May is signing off on is not what the people want. The US will not be able to trade with the UK if this is done. The Deficit has exploded and the interest payment on the debt is continually rising. The tax

The Hammer Is Falling, The Plan Is On Track

The SEC is looking into why Facebook didn’t report the data breach with Cambridge. Strzok was testifying in front of the House and he couldn’t remember anything that had to do with Clinton. Q said they were going to have to force the issue in

Welcome To The Economic Illusion, Here Is The Real Economy

The housing crisis in Australia is being exposed, it is much worse than everyone thinks. The economy is not improving, real wages are now stagnant for 2 months in a row, we are at the end of the central banking system and everything will begin

Expecting A Call Soon, Enjoy The Show

Paul Ryan says he might arrest Lisa Page for contempt of congress. Strzok gave testimony, this is a waste of time, without the unredacted report you cannot have a real hearing. Trump declares victory over NATO, Macron stick up for Trump and says he did