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Shhh, The Deep State Was Just Duped

The deep state has been duped, the plan set forth between China and Russia is working, this was the double freeze plan. North Korea stopped testing and the US stopping have drills. The French see no evidence that Syria used chemical weapons, the deep state

Financial Pundits Are Calling It, They Are Saying Expect The Crash

The central banks are now making there move against the cryptocurrencies, they know they can’t control it so they are demonizing it.The economy continues to deteriorate, and the market it fluctuating up and down. The two factions are fighting it out via the market. Financial

The Stock Market War Is On

The velocity of money is hit the bottom, the inflation indicators are off the charts. The stock market has declined by another 1000 points, the stock market wars are in full swing. The battle wages on, the system is on the brink of disaster, the

The Deep State Strikes Back

More and more evidence is being produced that implicates the Clinton’s, Obama and many others. We are now seeing the deep state strike back to create distractions in the US and around the world. The deep state will not push another false flag. We are

The World As We Know It Is About To Change

The FISA memo is now leading to other investigation and more facts are being pushed out. We are watching the entire scandal unfold right in front of our eyes. Adam Schiff was pranked by the Russia comedians. Lavrov reports that the entire world is about

The Deep State Sent A Message, This Won’t End Well

The House Intelligence Committee is moving in to phase II of the investigation, gathering more evidence going after Clinton, the FBI and the DOJ. Carter Page might have been working for the FBI as an informant during another investigation and when it came to Trump

Did The Deep State Just Threaten The US With An Event?

The corporate media is pushing the idea that Nunes doesn’t know what he is talking about because he didn’t read the memo, the fact is he sent Trey Gowdey to read the memo. Steele wrote the memo based on Clinton’s information. Schiff threatens the US

Chaos Is Their Tool, False Flags Is Their Weapon

The memo was released and the propaganda is being pushed to show its a conspiracy, that Trump is trying to cover up the Russian collusion, this is all a distraction. Trump speaks to Moon Jae in prior to the winter Olympics. Henry Kissinger says that

Is The Deep State About To Activate The Sleep Cells?

The FISA memo was released the corporate media is using propaganda to say its nothing, but the memo shows the dossier was used as the basis for the warrants to spy on Trump, if the dossier is fake then the warrants are null and void

Nation Alert, Active Sleeper Cells Ready To Push The Next Event:Q

The FISA memo is getting ready to be released, the cabal (deep state) is using pushing as much propaganda as possible to counter the release. Mueller postponed Flynn’s hearing because of the memo. There are about 7000 IS soldiers in Afghanistan. Ukraine fires off their

Venezuela Is Ready To Launch The Petros Cryptocurrency To Bypass The Dollar

Brick and mortar continues to meltdown, more bankruptcies and more store closures.US manufacturing drops and productivity along with it. India is banning all forms of cryptocurrencies and Venezuela is moving towards a petros cryptocurrency to bypass the dollar. The system is breaking apart countries do

Deep State Strikes Back And Sends A Clear Message, What’s Next

McCabe sat on Weiner’s case. FBI is fighting back saying the memo is not accurate, the corporate media (cabal) will not give the memo much airtime. The cabal is pushing the propaganda with a second dossier. North Korea and South Korea meet before the Olympics.

Everything Is In Motion, The Agenda Has Been Set

South Korea has made it clear that it won’t ban cryptocurrencies, everyone must give their real name and purchase it in the banks. German retail declines. Pending home declines along with existing and new home sales. The national debt is out of control and it’s

The Countdown Has Begun, The Deep State Has No Option

The cabal (deep state) is in trouble, McCabe was pushed out of the FBI, the FISA memo is sitting on the President’s desk ready to be released. Wikileaks reveals according to The Swiss Propaganda Research the corporate media is run by the Council of Foreign

They Are Getting Ready To Pull The Plug On The Economy

Toys R Us won’t release its holiday sales data. US savings has hit a crisis low. 6 traders were just arrested for gold manipulation. NAFTA talks are breaking down, most likely NAFTA will be cancelled. The bond market has hit the trigger point which will

Alarm Bells Are Going Off, Market Meltdown Dead Ahead

The crypto exchange has been hacked, this is not the blockchain but where people store their wallets and exchange crypto, millions have been stolen. Core durable goods fall. GDP comes in at 2.6% much lower than expected, the numbers show that the economy is a

Yesterday A Move Was Made To Collapse The Economy, It Was Just Blocked

The retail crisis continues, more stores are declaring bankruptcy and closing down thousands of stores. Existing home sales and new home sales reverse course and decline rapidly. Steve Mnuchin made a move to collapse the economy, Trump blocked his attempt. A perfect storm is headed

Judgement Day Is Coming

The missing text messages have been found. The cabal pushes their agenda to take control of the narrative of the story regarding the memo, calling it a conspiracy theory, the Russian’s did it etc, this will fail.Mueller will speak with Trump under oath to try