CrossTalk: Antifa Terror

Is it finally time to declare Antifa a domestic terrorist group? Is it finally time for the left to condemn Antifa’s use of violence and intimidation? And is it finally time for the liberal media to call out Antifa’s strident violations of civil and human rights? CrossTalking with Jen Kerns, Daniel Bonevac, and George Szamuely.
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Winston Churchill called it the special relationship. What is so special about the US-UK relations today? Also, are there reasons to hope the new government in Kiev will come to its senses and better relations with Russia? Save this space. CrossTalking with Glenn Diesen, Dmitry Babich, and Alexander Mercouris. Also: (Crosstalk) – CrossTalk on Epstein: Predatory Elites

There is no doubt the legal saga of Jeffrey Epstein has become a spectacle. It is lucrative clickbait for the media. And of course, the lurid allegations against Epstein are being used to entrap his social circle through guilt by association. But what about the justice system? This too is on trial. CrossTalking with Brian Joyce, Gina Loudon, and Alex Christoforou.