CrossTalk Bullhorns: Gag Order!

Big tech and the political left unite! The age of the gag order is underway. And, is Boris Johnson set to win and win big in the general election? Brexit, it would seem, has changed everything. CrossTalking with Dmitry Babich, Alex Christoforou, and Marcus Papadopoulos.
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The good news – if you like and use the term the ‘deep state’ you are no longer deemed a conspiracy theorist. The bad news – the ‘deep state’ is very real and powerful, and a danger to the democratic process. The ‘deep state’ as the fourth branch of government is a disastrous concept. CrossTalking with Ben Swann, Christopher Metzler, and George Szamuely. Also: (Crosstalk) – CrossTalk Bullhorns: Deep Stating

We were told there was not such thing as the ‘Deep State’. Now we are told to adore it. Also, arms control is dying. We should all be worried and concerned. And why Samantha Power is a hypocrite? CrossTalking with Ralph Niemeyer, Glenn Diesen, and Dmitry Babich.