CrossTalk on Israel’s elections: Bye-bye Bibi?

Israel’s parliamentary elections have again ended in deadlock. The electorate is divided – divided on the political right. Sitting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says, “It’s either my right-wing bloc, or a dangerous Arab-backed government.” How does this kind of rhetoric bode for the Palestinians and Middle East stability? CrossTalking with Philip Giraldi, Yossi Melman, and Gideon Levy.
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Again we stand on the brink of war. We should not be surprised: official Washington was quick to blame Iran for the attack on Saudi energy assets. Iran has denied involvement, while the Houthis have claimed responsibility. Will Trump take the neocon bait and set the Middle East on fire? Also: (Crosstalk) – CrossTalk Bullhorns on World War Two: Revisionism

Eighty years ago this month the Second World War in Europe began. Six years later the scourge of German fascism was defeated. However, the meaning of the start of war remains hotly contested. This history is intensely political. CrossTalking with Geoffrey Roberts, Dmitry Babich, and Alexander Mercouris. Also: (Crosstalk) – CrossTalk on Russia and West: Thaw in relations?

There are growing indications the West’s anti-Russia stance may be softening. A case in point is the recent visit of France’s top diplomat and defense minister. Or take for example the New York Times editorial calling on Trump to better relations with the Kremlin as a way to block China. An important question remains: can Moscow trust the West anymore? CrossTalking with Emmanuel Dupuy, Luc Rivet, and John Laughland. Also: (Crosstalk) – CrossTalk on Trump’s Middle East Policies: Vaudeville Politics

With the so-called Afghan peace process in tatters, U.S. troops still in Syria, Iraq more times than not agreeing with Iran, ‘maximum pressure’ on Tehran failing, and America’s allies in the Middle East at odds over Yemen, can anyone make heads or tails out of Trump’s Middle East foreign policy? It seems to be going from bad to worse. CrossTalking with Sharmine Narwani, Pye Ian, and Afshin Shahi. Also: (Crosstalk) – CrossTalk Bullhorns: Unpredictable

Attempting to end one war while avoiding a new one. As usual, the Trump administration’s foreign policy is unpredictable and even contradictory. There are no better examples than Afghanistan and Iran. CrossTalking with Xavier Moreau, Dmitry Babich, and Charles Shoebridge.