California Fires: PG&E Power Lines Has Problems Before Camp Fire, Over 200 People Missing

Pacific Gas and Electric Co. told state regulators Friday that a high-voltage power line near the origin point of the devastating Camp Fire experienced a problem just before the first flames appeared.

The public utility, already facing billions in potential liability for earlier wildfires, is under scrutiny from regulators for possibly causing the latest fire, which broke out early Thursday. That same day, PG&E canceled plans to shut off power as a precaution against fires in parts of Butte County, where the fire is burning.

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The tragic Camp Fire of northern California has killed at least 31 people, destroyed approximately 7000 structures, and basically leveled the retirement community of Paradise, California.

It appears that the fire was initiated by a failing PG&E power line in the Feather River Canyon just to the north of the town of Pulga (see map with arrow below). The time of failure was roughly 6:15 AM November 8th, with fire reported 15 minutes later.

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