Facebook’s Libra Currency Is Linked to Redesign of Global Financial System

Some have proclaimed Zuckerberg’s dive into digital currencies as (one of) the drivers of the recent renaissance in cryptocurrencies (as scale goes to the mainstream); others fear Facebook’s Libra is a ‘trojan horse’ to centralized (not de-centralized) control of billions of people’s wealth and an acceleration of the push for a cashless society (as rate go negative almost globally and policy-makers lose control of the status quo).
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If you think you’re having a tough day at the office, consider the life of the Ohio farmer. The early hours, the hard labor and the cruelties that can be inflicted by weather patterns and trade policy. Medina County farmer Tyler Arters told me he was driving a tractor “as soon as I could reach the pedals.”

He still works the 1,200 acres of his family’s land in Chatham Township with his father and brother. Also: (Dahboo77) – US Farm Crises Worsens: Hailstorms Destroys Thousands of Acres of Corn and Soybeans

As if US farmers had not enough with this unprecedently late planting this season. Nope! Now, it seems that in Minnesota, farmers also had to face critical weather as a hailstorm damaged/destroyed thousands of acres of crops last week. And its to late to replant! Also: (Dahboo77) – Midwest Farming Apocalypse Being Compared to 2008 Housing Crises

And it’s not just farmers that are bearing the brunt of the flooding, it’s the entire agricultural economy. Those that provide supplies like seeds, fertilizer, equipment and services are also struggling. For example, BBG reports that “at Burrus Seed in Arenzville, Illinois, employees spend as much time trying to lift farmers’ spirits as they do selling to them.”