Federal Judge Strikes Down Affordable Care Act As ‘Unconstitutional’

A Texas federal judge has struck down the Affordable Care Act, ruling it can not be classed as a tax without a penalty for those who don’t buy health insurance. Without that penalty, he wrote, “Obamacare” is unconstitutional.
The ruling is expected to be appealed to the Supreme Court and the law will remain in effect until the appeals process is over. The ACA previously withstood more than 70 unsuccessful repeal attempts.

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The U.S. Navy wants to develop drones that are powered by harvesting “battlefield energy.”
The problem is that future conflicts are likely to feature clouds of small drones, whether operating in swarms to overwhelm an enemy, or a mini-drone carried in a soldier’s pocket that flies ahead to scout out a building. But tiny drones have tiny batteries measured in thirty minutes or so of flight, and the battlefield is not the place to search for an electrical outlet to recharge.

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