France Bans Monsantos Roundup 360 Weedkiller After Court Ruling

French authorities on Tuesday officially forbid the sale of a form of controversial weed-killer Roundup following a court ruling that regulators failed to take safety concerns into account when clearing the widely used herbicide.

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See Also: (Dahboo77) – New Migrant Caravan Leaves Honduras, US Extends Troop Deployment At Mexican Border

As a new migrant caravan leaves Honduras with the goal of crossing into the US over the southern border, the Pentagon announced on Tuesday that it would extend the military’s mission on the southern border, according to Reuters. The mission will be extended through at least Sept. 30, they said.

Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan approved the extension following a request from the Department of Homeland Security. There are currently about 2,350 troops assigned to the border mission. The deployment was expected to end on Jan. 31.

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Also: (Dahboo77) – Trump Quietly Signs Law Granting Federal Workers’ Back Pay for Shutdown

Without fanfare, President Trump signed into law Wednesday afternoon a measure ensuring that federal workers will get paid for lost wages during the partial government shutdown.

Mr. Trump signed the Government Employee Fair Treatment Act of 2019, which requires the compensation of government employees for wages lost, work performed, or leave used during the shutdown that began on Dec. 22.

The bill-signing took place in the Oval Office, without news cameras present.

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