Heads Up! EU Govt Backs Controversial Copyright Regulation Despite Protests

A majority of EU governments approved a much-criticized copyright directive, targeting platforms like Google and Facebook. The new rules were earlier slammed by Big Tech, rights groups, and ordinary users alike. The European Council backed the new directive on Monday. Among its sweeping changes is making large content platforms like Facebook, Google, YouTube, and Wikipedia liable for copyright violations by their users. In order to avoid being sued, they will have to either buy the licenses for the works uploaded, or use expensive “upload filters” to scan all the content for potential copyright breaches.
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New UK counter-terrorism legislation could see Britons face up to 10 years in jail if it’s proven they have entered or remained in a “designated area” overseas, as free press campaigners warn British journalists face arrest. Coming into force on Friday, the Counter-Terrorism and Border Security Act 2019, will give UK border guards enhanced powers to stop and search individuals without suspicion, on the grounds of tackling “hostile state” activity.