LIGHTS OUT- DARPA Quietly Training Grid Operators for Large-Scale Attack On US Power Grid

The reality of Plum Island, however, may actually be more disturbing than the fiction, if not quite as theatrical. Earlier this month, Plum Island was the site of a DARPA-led training initiative in which cyber warfare experts and energy grid operators joined forces to prepare for an attack that experts contend could result in the deaths of 90% of the American population over the span of just a few years: a large-scale invasion of the American electrical grid.

Earlier this year, the Trump administration levied a new series of sanctions against the Russian government for their infiltration of a number of assets associated with the nation’s electrical infrastructure. While the American government claims to have located and done away with any malicious software or backdoors the Russian operatives may have left behind, it confirmed the idea that American opponents are using cyber warfare techniques to gain access the United States electrical grid.

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