LIGHTS OUT: US Cuts Off Power to Venezuelan Embassy with Activists Besieged Inside

The Venezuelan Embassy in Washington DC was plunged into darkness after the US authorities shut down power in the building. The anti-coup activists hunkered down inside say they are not leaving despite the blackout. After weeks of tense standoff between the ‘Embassy Civilian Protection Collective’ and supporters of US-backed opposition leader Juan Guaido outside the Venezuelan diplomatic compound, the US authorities attempted to drive the temporary occupants out by depriving them of electricity.
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Recent rainfall has already-high water levels surging in the Great Lakes, contributing to flooding along the lakeshores in parts of Ohio and Michigan, and New York is expected to follow suit in the days ahead. Areas along the Lake Ontario shoreline are “at the precipice of a disaster,” according to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, as forecasts for additional rain threaten to push water levels past flood level. The worst of the flooding from heavy rain and snowmelt is expected to occur in a matter of days, and officials are concerned that stronger winds late this week into the weekend could churn up potentially damaging waves.