New California Fire Forces More Evacuation Orders, Blame Starts To Shift to Others

Pacific Gas & Electric may get to share the title of California’s Public Enemy No. 1. The embattled energy giant has been repeatedly castigated by the public and government leaders for its role in the state’s devastating wildfires the last three years, and for its clumsy attempt at preventing them this fall with mass power outages.

But PG&E is not alone, and recent developments may shift some of the finger-pointing to its brethren downstate, especially Southern California Edison.

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First it was Baoshang Bank , then it was Bank of Jinzhou, then, two months ago, China’s Heng Feng Bank with 1.4 trillion yuan in assets, quietly failed and was just as quietly nationalized. Today, a fourth prominent Chinese bank was on the verge of collapse under the weight of its bad loans, only this time the failure was far less quiet, as depositors of the rural lender swarmed the bank’s retail outlets, demanding their money in an angry demonstration of what Beijing is terrified of the most: a bank run. Local business leaders, political cadres and banking executives rallied Thursday at the main branch of Henan Yichuan Rural Commercial Bank, just outside the central Chinese city of Luoyang, where they stood one by one before a microphone to pledge their backing for the bank, as smiling employees brandished wads of cash before television cameras to demonstrate just how much cash, literally, the bank had. Also: (Dahboo77) – California Faces 48 Hours of Hell As “Devil Winds” Turn Wildfires Into Unstoppable Infernos

An “extreme wind event” will relentlessly pummel the state of California through Friday, and it will be a challenge unlike anything firefighters in the state have ever faced before. Right now there are 17 wildfires currently burning in the state, but that number is expected to rise significantly over the next 48 hours. Also: (Dahboo77) – Here Is A Live Interactive Map Tracking All The Wildfires In California

As wildfires continue to blaze through California, use our interactive map to see the perimeter of the fires as they grow. Also: (Dahboo77) – Another Fire! New Easy Fire Threatens Ronald Reagan Library, Mandatory Evacuations Ordered

Mandatory evacuations are underway in Ventura County as a fast-moving wildfire burns close to neighborhoods in Simi Valley. The fire, known as the Easy Fire, started just before 7 a.m. local time Wednesday and was burning close to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, northwest of Los Angeles. Also: (Dahboo77) – “Quarter of Earth’s Pigs Wiped Out”, Global Authorities Brace For Worldwide Protein Shortage

African Swine Fever is killing millions upon millions of pigs all over the world, and this threatens to create a crippling global shortage of protein as we head into 2020. This epidemic began in China last year, and it is now also running wild in North Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and the Philippines. But this crisis is certainly not limited to Asia. According to the Washington Post, so far in 2019 there have also been outbreaks “in Belgium, Bulgaria, Hungary, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Russia and Ukraine.” Also: (Dahboo77) – Google Confirms ‘Quantum Supremacy’ – Completes 10,000 Year Calculation In 200 Seconds

While the breakthrough leaked last month, the company provided new details with the publication of a new article in the scientific journal, Nature. The company says that their 54-qbit Sycamore processor was able to perform a calculation in 200 seconds which would have taken the world’s most powerful supercomputer 10,000 years. Also: (Dahboo77) – How Safe Is Your Tap Water? This Database Can Tell You

If you’ve ever wondered how safe your tap water really is, you can now find out. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) released its updated Tap Water Database on Wednesday, which allows people to discover which contaminants are in their local tap water and how it may affect their health. In the database, people can search by ZIP code or state to find their local utility, then can click on the individual contaminants detected in their water to find out more about them and their health risks.

The Tap Water Database contains data from nearly 50,000 local utilities in 50 states, and features water quality tests conducted by water systems from 2012 to 2017. Also included are a total of nearly 32 million test results for 525 chemicals — 284 of which were detected in U.S. drinking water, according to the EWG. Also: (Dahboo77) – Russia Sends Nuclear Bombers to Africa As Putin Hosts First-Ever Economic Summit

Russia views Africa as a continent that will achieve supergrowth through 2050. The continent’s population is expected to double alongside energy consumption. Moscow is making its move to strengthen relations with countries in the region; if that is through oil deals, increased nuclear cooperation, or defense contracts, the shift to Africa is being made today.

What better way to show Washington that Africa is shifting to Russia than land two nuclear-capable bombers in South Africa. Also: (Dahboo77) –