The Ring of Fire Is Heating Up! M6.2 Earthquake Hits Off Oregon Coast

Something is getting very scary! A new strong earthquake hit off the coast of Oregon, today, August 22, 2018. This latest powerful quake raises fears among US west coast population, living in the densely populated areas on the Pacific coast. This latest strong earthquake may be a sign of the next Big One… which is overdue… And where is it going to strike? Along the Cascadia Fault Line or in California.

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Hawaii residents rushed to grocery stores Tuesday to stock up on bottled water, ramen and toilet paper as they faced the threat of heavy rain, flash flooding and high surf from a powerful and erratic hurricane expected to churn close to the islands or directly over them.

On Tuesday night, the National Weather Service announced that Hurricane Lane had strengthened to become a Category 5 hurricane, which means that it is likely to cause catastrophic damage with winds 157 mph or above. The hurricane is about 500 miles southeast of Honolulu.

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