Venezuelan Substation Explodes Outside of Caracas After Guri Hydro Plant Fire

Images of burned-out electricity generation equipment at Venezuela’s biggest hydroelectric power plant were posted by the country’s communications minister on Twitter, as Caracas blamed arsonists for a crippling power blackout. A large-scale blackout hit Caracas and nearly a dozen Venezuelan states on Monday afternoon, bringing the public transport to nearly a standstill. People attempted to cram into overcrowded buses to come home before dusk, as the subway system was also disrupted by the outrage. The outage was reminiscent of a blackout that affected over 30 million citizens on March 7 and saw the Latin American country plunge into darkness.
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The US recognized “Interim President” has announced plans for his supporters to launch “tactical actions” starting next week as part of his “Operation Freedom” to overthrow President Nicolas Maduro. The opposition is now telegraphing their regime change maneuvers, in what appears more of a desperate strategy to maintain external and international pressure and visibility on the continuing political crisis in the country, lately felt in a series of major nation-wide electricity outages.