Confessions of a SJW: Then the Left Came for Me

He got a rush being a Social Justice Warrior. So woke, so empowered. Until a micro aggression turned the mob on him. His story sounds like Robespierre & the reign of terror unleashed by the cultural Marxists two centuries ago. History rhymes.

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The ad executive and leftist organizer behind Sleeping Giants had remained anonymous as he targeted conservatives with boycotts based on false accusations of “racism” & “hatred”. After he was exposed he demands censorship of info about him (what would you expect). Then, Congressman Deutch, Democrat shill, now pushes Zuckerberg to shut down InfoWars. And, whatever happened to the attempt to give people free Whoppers at Burger King if they unfriended friends who liked InfoWars.

Also: (David Knight) – Amazon Burns Books by Burning Reviews

Joseph Farah,, joins to talk about Muslim group CAIR’s attempt to shut down a book that exposes their plan for Islamification of US. They didn’t object to facts, or claim defamation—they just wanted to use their financial muscle to stop publication. And Farah’s own book on Christianity caused a 5-Star reviewer and his 622 reviews to be shut down by Amazon. Let the book burning begin!

Also: (David Knight) – Mobs, Pitchforks & “Treason” (Against the REAL Govt)

Trump challenged the Empire & the Empire is Striking Back. While the media & political establish is, according to a Russian Studies Professor, whipping up calls for “mob violence” , the current FBI Director says China with its economic hacks is the big threat. And then there’s Chris Cuomo’s golden quote…