Does Zuck Trust You? Do YOU Trust FB? Internet Oligarchs ARE a Trust

David Knight explains what is going on with Facebook and why you should be weary of trusting this social media site.

See Also: (David Knight) – Joseph Farah on Google’s Fatal Flaws

Joseph Farah, discusses “Life After Google”, George Gilder’s new book exposing Google’s agenda and the fatal conceit that will be their downfall.

Also: (David Knight) – Smart Cities & Waymo: Google Moves in with Chinese Dictator Xi

As Australia joins the US in blocking Chinese corporation Huawei from running the coming 5G surveillance grid, Google snuggles up to Chinese Dictator Xi (famously triggered by his resemblance to Winnie the Pooh) hoping to establish an empire of control & tracking in the physical world with Waymo.

Also: (David Knight) – CNN & Google Think They Can Lie To Your Face

The Lanny Davis lies of CNN are so disgusting that even Never-Trumper media outlets are recoiling in disgust. But CNN doubles down in denial with one of their dullest tools — Chris Cuomo — as Google & CNN cover for each other (e.g., Google News top story is CNN saying Google searches aren’t rigged).

Also: (David Knight) – DANGER: Regulating Corporate Censorship Could Have Unintended Consequences

White House advisor Larry Kudlow says regulation of “social media” is being looked at as President Trump calls out the corporate censorship of Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter. But the censorship — both shadow banning & overt banning — is being done at the request of both political parties of the DeepState. David Knight looks at how we stop the fascism (merger of corporations with big government) without unintentionally making it worse.

Also: (David Knight) – Google Isn’t A Search Engine – Proof for IDIOTS

Here are the radically different (and partisan) result you get when you put “idiot” into Google and into Duck Duck Go.

Also: (David Knight) – Hollywood Goes to Moon: How’d NASA Miss All That Water For 40 Yrs?

For 40 yrs we were told there was no water on the moon. Now we’re told there’s a tremendous amount and we need to go back. And Hollywood is doing its part pushing not only a space program but globalism with “First Man” while Macron is touring Europe telling the Danish, French and others that they don’t really have a separate language and culture.

Also: (David Knight) – Class Action Anti-Trust Lawsuit Filed Against Internet Oligarchs

How can a judge declare President Trump’s Twitter account “a public forum” and ban Trump from blocking users while Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey can ban anyone he wishes from ALL of Twitter? Larry Klayman, FreedomWatch, worked with the DOJ in anti-trust litigation against AT&T. He has filed a lawsuit against Apple, Facebook, Google and others to address the corporate censorship from an anti-trust approach instead of regulation.

Also: (David Knight) – FBI Wants AI for USA (United Surveillance of Americans)

Cameras everywhere, 5G surveillance and now permanently deployed police surveillance blimps — what more can the government do to watch us? The FBI wants Artificial Intelligence to construct fingerprints that are not complete. What could possibly go wrong?