Facebook Now A Publisher: Funding & Rigging News

Just 2 months after Facebook CEO Zuckerberg deflected Congressional criticism by saying Facebook isn’t a publisher, they are about to move from censoring the crowd & promoting fake news to aggressively funding establishment media programming.

See Also: (David Knight) – California: Soros EPIC FAIL, But Nestle Drains Them Dry

This is how one DA defeated Soros’ scheme to flood elections with cash across the country, but as new draconian water restrictions pass in California, Nestle is draining the state of water for free. Then, leaks from the IG report the DOJ/FBI are trying to block, CNN’s War of 1812 against Trump as he burns NAFTA, the mysterious embassy “sonic” attacks that are damaging the brains of employees and Facebook becomes a new PUBLISHER. Then, a self-described cultural/political got red pilled when she became a teacher. She calls in to give parents the warning signs of our Brave New Schools.