FBI Tweet: “Trump Is Enemy Of The State”

Former FBI agent has said that Trump’s tweets criticizing the illegal activities of FBI leaders & their coup attempt makes him an “enemy of the state”. Maybe he meant the Deep State. But is the FBI an enemy of freedom? Should it be abolished?

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Doug Hagmann joins Alex Jones and Roger Stone live via Skype to discuss President Donald Trump’s developing indictment from the corrupt Mueller probe and predicts Kushner will be targeted next.

Also: (Infowars) – MSM Covers It Up While Infowars Breaks It

Prime Example! Two and a half months ago, Roger Stone and Infowars broke the intel on General McMaster and his open disgust for President Trump. The behind the scenes on a coup in progress. This kind of info can only be found at Infowars. Because the mainstream media is in a state of paranoia as its historical Operation Mockingbird scheme of hiding and spinning the truth can’t compete with the growing American truth media landscape refusing to believe the lies.