FBI’s Boldfaced Lies About 2A & Founders

Former FBI Special Agent James Gagliano deflected blame from the FBI and lied about informants’ tips that ignored in the Parkland high school shooting. But it was nothing compared to the insidious propaganda & lies he told about the Second Amendment and the rights of the people.

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Liberal always seize the high ground by defining the labels (and libertarians /conservatives let them). “Gun-Free” or “Defenseless” schools? Why not label the one change that could make a difference Posse Academia (armed, trained teachers) and start a discussion on the proper role of law enforcement, posse comitatus and the militia.

Also: (Infowars) – Youthful Idiots: Ban National Anthem & Guns

HS students are the new shock troops for Democrats agenda. You won’t believe why this student body president wants to ban the National Anthem.