Flashback: “It’s A Wonderful Lie” – Fed Turns 105, Movie Turns 72

105 years ago, Dec 21, 1913, as many in Congress had headed home for Christmas, the Federal Reserve was created to stop boom & bust cycles—now it is bursting another bubble it created as interest rates go up despite signs that housing & stock market are about to crash. It’s a wonderful lie and it has many similarities to the film “It’s a Wonderful Life” that opened 72 years ago yesterday

See Also: (David Knight) – “Mad Dog” Mattis is Mad—And May Be Angling to Run in 2020

Mattis resigned yesterday as Trump said it’s time to protect our borders and not have troops in Syria forever. His letter reveals him to be a globalist who thinks America’s strength is our foreign entanglements—a rejection of the Founders’ wisdom, not just Trump’s policy. But 7 months ago Mattis was exploring a run for the Presidency against Trump in 2020 as a leaked letter to political consultants reveals.

Also: (David Knight) – Rob Reiner Missed Hillary & McCain “Aiding & Abetting ISIS”

Archie Bunker’s “Meathead” hasn’t changed or learned anything as he accuses Trump of being a traitor, aiding & abetting ISIS. McCain admitted it was our National Security DeepState & Hillary that were doing that.