FOX Censors Soros Criticism & Bans Judicial Watch Board Member

Meet the new boss at FOX —FOX blocked a Lou Dobbs broadcast and permanently banned a Judicial Watch board member from ever coming back on the network after he had the audacity to talk about Soros funding open borders.

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After the synagogue shooting, President Trump has been criticized by the usual pushers of gun control for pointing out that defensively armed members or security could have saved innocent life. And several Rabbis are agreeing just as many Christians realized the need to protect their churches after the Texas church shooting in Sutherland Springs.

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CNN once again takes the lead as mainstream media identifies free speech as the enemy after the synagogue shooting. And we see the next level of censorship from the neocon military industrial establishment as Gab is blocked by PayPal and GoDaddy & Joyent block hosting immediately even though the alleged shooter was also on other social media.