17 Years Later, Will Americans Ever Know The Truth? – Real News with David Knight (Full Show)

17 years later we are still talking about the tragedy that took place at the World Trade Center. David Knight brings to light points that have been neglected and as well informs the listener on the current issue with what Obama has been saying about the Benghazi attack. Hugo de Garis joins the program to speak on the issues with AI and how they are transforming at a faster pace than what humanity thinks.

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As Syria moves to take out the last stronghold of ISIS in Syria, Google shows that it serves not just the authoritarian Chinese dictator, but the dictates of the US military industrial complex by cutting off communications of those inside Syria as Nikki Haley goes full pre-cog and accuses Syria of pre-crimes. Then, Steve Quayle on the coming post-human future that is already further than you realize.