Full Show: 9/11 Aftermath: Police State

Real News with David Knight – September 12th, 2017

• John Kiriakou – CIA whistleblower on torture, leader of team to first capture Al Qaeda
• Lawsuit against CIA torture consultants ends with secret settlement. David Knight interviews John Kiriakou, the man who went to jail to give America the only warning it will get
• After the hurricanes
— the good, bad & ugly of govt
— with over a million flood damaged cars, how to avoid getting scammed or killed
— a look at past disaster shows that recovery can happen without government and more quickly
• High schools that mandate blood draws, TSA enhanced body searches — post 9/11 Americans crave safety and lose their freedom & dignity
• SPLC victims (black women) speak out about the damage of false accusations by the group as it heads to Congress for another witch hunt