Full Show: Bush Lying in Washington One Last Time

“Read my lips—no new taxes”. George HW Bush had a great resume but every accomplishment and conquest was achieved by lying. Now he’s lying in state in the capital for one last time but his lips aren’t moving. Then, FOX & Friends go full reefer madness on pot — their BigPharma sponsors must be pleased. And Marc Morano gets us up to date on the climate scams in France and the COP24 meeting in Poland

See Also: (David Knight) – Sound of Kristol Breaking: Weakly Standard Neocon Mag Failing

Never-Trumper Bill Kristol never saw a war he didn’t like & loved every rip-off trade “deal”. Now his neocon magazine is failing

Also: (David Knight) – “Ballot Harvesting”: California Hacked Election

The REAL hacking of our elections didn’t happen with Russia but with California 2018’s election. Every Democrat in Orange County voted? One precinct 120% of Democrats voted. It’s called “ballot harvesting” — vote early, vote often & keep voting until you win.

Also: (David Knight) – Bush Blamed America for Pearl Harbor…

Winston Churchill had a different take than George HW Bush on US involvement in WW1 (Churchill said it prolonged the war & created the communists in Russia & Nazis in Germany). You may think Japan would be criticized for the pre-emptive sneak attack at Pearl Harbor. But Bush, speaking at the 50th anniversary, laid the blame solely on those troublesome “America First” patriots & founders whom he called isolationists & protectionists.

Also: (David Knight) – Poland is “Rolling Coal” on UN Climate Conference, Mocking Alarmists

Marc Morano, ClimateDepot.com, joins with an update on COP24—the global warming conference happening now in Poland. The Polish town is mocking their hypocrisy with coal exhibits and products. And, the French protest taxes that are only HALF of what UN demands but in the USA the taxes are hidden & delayed but the full effect of fuel taxes will hit in a couple of years.