Full Show: Carrington Events & Presidential Emergency Broadcast

Rubio called for social media companies to censor information while failing to defend free speech. But Rubio himself is exempt from bully rules as he gave out an address, phone number & called for harassment. And, what is behind the closure of the solar observatory? Dr. “Willie” Soon joins to talk about solar activity, Carrington Events and climate change as Google begins “pollution police patrols”.

See Also: (David Knight) – City Blocks 5G Over Cancer Concerns

5G is the core technology for Smart Cities and the UN 2030 Agenda. One California town has blocked it over health concerns, but will it stand up to the 1996 Telecommunications Act, signed by Bill Clinton, that says health concerns can’t be considered?

Also: (David Knight) – Full Show: Norway Bombed Libya w/o Knowing Why

Islamic court to flog, then execute pregnant woman (after giving birth) for marrying a Christian. Norway’s official report, 7 years later, admits they had no idea why they flew nearly 600 bombing missions over Libya except the media & NATO told them to do it. Then, Simon Roche, suidlanders.org, gives an update on land theft in South Africa and plans to sell land & coal to Chinese communists.

Also: (David Knight) – REVEALED: Booze-Filled, Sex Party Yearbook of Kavanaugh Accuser

As media organizations are begging those who attended high school with Christine Ford for dirt on Kavanaugh, a yearbook showing & bragging about wild, sexualized parties with minors drinking & passing out, was scrubbed. Here’s what the media doesn’t want to see along with the connections of Ford’s lawyer to Soros and the Democrat establishment.

Also: (David Knight) – Google Begins “Pollution Police Patrols”

Google is about to begin monitoring and reporting air quality in the US & Europe with its worldwide fleet of Google Map cars. But Google will hide Chinese air quality as part of “Dragonfly”.

Also: (David Knight) – Full Show: What’s New Pussy-Hat? They Come for Kavanaugh, Too

President Trump is declassifying and releasing — unredacted — documents surrounding the FISA search warrants and the House is about to release transcripts of over 70 interviews relating to the DNC/DeepState conspiracy. Then, new information surfaces about Kavanaugh’s Anita Hill as the vote is postponed until a show hearing next Monday. And, concerns surround a NC nuclear plant that had a low level emergency AFTER it was shutdown before flooding hit the area.