Full Show: Liars Need Good Memories — & a Better Lawyer Than Avenatti

South Africa’s communists, ANC, are cannibalizing each other and whistleblowers with assassinations. Then, the ACLU is desperately running ads against Kavanaugh, even throwing Bill Clinton under the bus, as the web of lies is unraveling. Avenatti’s client dials down her gang rape accusations to milder charges, but even NBC doesn’t believe her. Ford’s testimony is destroyed by Rachel Miller’s report.

See Also: (David Knight) – Ford’s Polygraph: Can You Detect the Lies?

Are polygraphs reliable? Certainly not Christine Ford’s polygraph the way it was done. Rachel Mitchell, who questioned Christine Ford, releases her report summarizing the many issues that destroy the credibility of Ford’s accusations. And David Knight explains from personal experience why eyewitness reports are frequently unreliable.