Google Predators Given Golden Parachutes

Search THIS! Google was able to hide for years their dirty corporate executive secrets. From the people who pushed the filthy fiction of Russia golden showers, a golden parachute for sexual misconduct. But TheHill thinks they’re doing a great job shutting down discussion of the caravan & the suspicious toys mailed to Democrats (and they are shutting it down).

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Biden is the “A-List” celebrity for the Democrat Party? But it gets worse as the mask comes off for Gillum, Manchin, McCaskill and others

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TRICK or TREAT? Was Megyn Kelly’s firing by NBC a trick to get rid of her with ratings crashing or will it be a treat for her to get her $69 MILLION 3 year contract paid in full? She’s lawyering up for a #MeToo fight and we’ll have to see if Santa (who we all know is white) will leave a lump sum or a lump of coal in her pantyhose.