Jonathan Pageau: Iconic Propaganda in Movies

Jonathan Pageau joins David Knight to point out the symbolism & propaganda in movies. Pageau is an artist, one of the few icon carvers in America, who understands and sees the power of pictures and the broader meaning they convey to the culture — in this case the propaganda about men, women and their roles.

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You can’t say we weren’t warned. Lysander Spooner fought the Post Office bureaucracy gouging the public 170 years ago. Congress responded by giving the PO a monopoly which they’ve now used to subsidize Chinese goods shipped to America — part of the China price. Trump is putting a stop to the subsidy. David & Travis Knight break down why the PO monopoly should be stopped as well.

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It’s a Grimm tale — actresses are now accusing Disney of #MeToo sexual assaults. Prince Charming kissing Snow White? Toxic masculinity. Meanwhile, Arnold Schwarzenegger goes full “Girlie Man”, groveling for pardon for ever using the term