MSM Panic Public with 3D “Ghost Guns” So You Don’t See “Red Flags”

Mainstream media and Democrats want to panic you over 3D GHOST GUNS but they don’t want you to see the real “Red Flag” — 467 guns confiscated on judges orders in Florida. David Knight explains the real issue with 3D Ghost Guns and why the establishment hates the 1st Amendment even more than they do the 2nd Amendment.

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At least Barney Fife only had 1 bullet. But today, police departments policy and marksmanship are out of control as innocent bystanders, homeowners and hostages are shot along with the dirtbags. But some responsible citizens are doing better — much better.

Also: (David Knight) – Twitter Suspends US Senate Candidate for Using Twitter’s GIF

Missouri US Senate Candidate, Austin Petersen, was suspended by Twitter for a joke response to “you’re a Russian sympathizer” tweet — that used one of Twitter’s own GIFs. And he’s “triggered” liberals with a Ghost Gun, offering to give away a Ghost Gun 2 printer.