Netflix Grooms the Public for Pedophilia, Occult & Transhumanism

Shows like Netflix’s “Big Mouth” & “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” , SyFy Channel’s “Childhood’s End” and FOX’s “Lucifer” are pushing pedophilia, transhumanism and the occult to the extent that the Satanic Temple is suing for copyright infringement. Is it any wonder that young children across the country are pushed to get hormone treatment to prevent “the inevitable” gender expression or that California is paying for the treatments?

See Also: (David Knight) – Professor: Newborns Can “Ethically” Be Killed—Not “Sentient”

A professor emeritus of biology tries to make the case that new born babies can ethically & morally be killed because they are not “cognizant of themselves” — i.e., they are morally equivalent to a fetus which he maintains is a non-person