NGO Says “Junk News” Increases Despite Censorship

After censoring InfoWars & other free press news on social media, an establishment study finds people are sharing alternative news MORE than 2016. Any news that isn’t from government politicians, mainstream media or “authority figures” is labeled “junk news”. And YouTube censors livestream of Trump rally, demonetizing and labeling not suitable for families, while promoting & funding “Creators for Change” that pushes LGBTQ & Islamic values.

See Also: (David Knight) – Dems: Social Media Bkgnd Checks for Gun Purchase

Social media background checks for firearm purchases? They won’t admit it, but Democrat candidates have new, novel tricks to turn your right of self-defense into a government-granted privilege. The Second Amendment is in the crosshairs of the Democrats.

Also: (David Knight) – US Generals Who Lost $21 TRILLION, Complain About Defending US Border

The neocon establishment & press doesn’t even mention US troops protecting the Turkey/Syria border for Kurds, but ex-Generals whine about the “political stunt” of protecting America’s border. And, the Washington Post is whining that $200 Million might be spent defending the US border — only 0.028% of the Defense Depart budget — but mainstream media ignores $21 TRILLION gone missing in addition to more money spent in Afghanistan than to rebuild Europe after WW2.

Also: (David Knight) – SNL Mocks SEAL, UK Military Mocks Itself

SNL “comedian” Pete Davidson wearing Gitmo orange, mocks former Navy SEAL Dan Crenshaw for his combat wounds, while the UK military makes a mockery of itself by promoting a transgender as the first “woman” on combat front lines, while the “woman” runs off with his buddy’s wife who was teaching him how to put on makeup and wear dresses.