North Korean Defector’s Body Shows Anthrax Bioweapon Testing

One of four soldiers who have recently escaped North Korea by fleeing to the South, has been found to have anthrax antibodies according to an anonymous source in South Korea. If true, it would likely mean that there is a biological weapons program in North Korea.

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Alex Jones breaks down new geopolitical developments that point to a conflict with North Korea erupting within the next 12 weeks, depending on what President Donald Trump does in the meantime.

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Merry Christmas from Kim Jung Un the Grinch. Kim Jung Un has promised to retaliate against Trumps “grave political provocation” after North Korea was accused of infecting hundreds of thousands of computers with ransom ware. Newsweek writes“The Trump administration is inciting an extremely confrontational atmosphere by even concocting a plot against us at this delicate moment when the situation on the Korean Peninsula is at the crossroads of nuclear war or peace,” said an unidentified North Korean spokesman, according to North Korean state media. Jon Bowne reports.