Poster Child FAIL: Kidnapped by Her MOM Who Used Human Traffickers

After a week of hypocrisy about border law enforcement & demonization of Trump, we learn that the 2 yr old poster child wasn’t separated from her mother, her mother took her without the father’s consent who said it was “reckless” and risked the child’s life.

See Also: (David Knight) – Real News Full Show—Dems & CPS: When Govt REALLY Kidnaps Children

David Knight exposes the fake poster child & story about Trump kidnapping kids, but the REAL kidnapping of children has been going on for some time — Child Protective Services — above the law, corrupt, and often enforcing anti-family Democrat policies. Callers join to tell their stories. Then, a pastor/EMS worker with a gun stops a car jacker who’d already shot others. And, the globalists are still saying you can’t have air conditioning and cars — 5 yrs after Obama was called out for saying the same thing to people in Africa.