Poster Child FAIL: Kidnapped by Her MOM Who Used Human Traffickers

After a week of hypocrisy about border law enforcement & demonization of Trump, we learn that the 2 yr old poster child wasn’t separated from her mother, her mother took her without the father’s consent who said it was “reckless” and risked the child’s life.

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Princeton has a course on how to “Read Queerly” — I.e., look for any influence from capitalism, whites, males, Christianity, and vilify. Then, a glimpse of the legal/cultural system the open border globalists want to bring in to replace western civilization.

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MSNBC talking head Donny Deutsch declared on Morning Joe that Americans who agree with President Trump on immigration are akin to Nazi guards.

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Alex Jones breaks down how his sources close to the President have confirmed reports that Trump’s primary goal is not to run for re-election in 2020. He wants to finish the job in just 4 years.