POWs, MIAs Betrayed & Attacked by McCain

Part of McCain’s legacy that won’t be talked about by mainstream media is how he blocked attempts to free over 700 POWs left behind in Vietnam by the US government. In spite of documents, witnesses, satellite photos, ransom offers — McCain attacked families calling them “hoaxers”, “conspiracy theorists”, “dime-store Rambos”. A real “hero”.

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RINO extraordinaire betraying GOP voters, POW “war hero” betraying fellow POWs left behind, hero to the DeepState, ally to ISIS & Al Qaeda, and spreading chaos and war across the globe — David Knight gives a retrospect of John McCain’s life and legacy. Then, a strange turn in the Vegas shooting and this weekend’s shooting(s) the mainstream choses to ignore while obsessing over the Jacksonville shooting.

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David Knight interviews Ben Garrison about one of his latest artworks on John McCain and talk about the current censorship that is going on.

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Just 2 months before he died, Judicial Watch exposed notes from a meeting between Lois Lerner, other IRS officials, John McCain & his staffer John Kerner where Kerner demanded that the IRS be used to financially destroy political opponents. McCain is gone but Kerner, who has been at the center of Benghazi, Fast & Furious, IRS v Tea Party investigations is now with the Special Counsel office vetting DOJ whistleblowers.