Saudi Women Freed? But Cars Are Being Banned

Yes, being able to drive a car is a liberating thing. Congratulations are pouring in from mainstream media as prohibitions against women driving are lifted and Saudis brag they are joining the 21st Century. No, they’re joining the 20th Century — a 100 years late. Don’t get used to the liberty. In the 21st Century, cars are being banned for women AND men, and it’s already well underway in the UK & EU

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Steve Scalise, who was shot by a leftist hater, has sounded the alarm even as Maxine Waters incites violence. Then, David Knight looks at the megalomaniac globalists, from the billionaires pushing for the banning of gas & diesel engines, to the UK & EU politicians banning cars altogether in urban areas in the next 5-10 years, to the political leaders that rage against God because they see themselves as god. And, Joel Skousen joins to look at the purge of libertarian feminist writers by the Marxist professors in charge of education as well as his comments on what has NOT happened in NK and what will likely happen there and in China.