Tactics for Global Censorship: Copyright & “Right to Forget”

Totalitarian tactics of declaring political dissidents “insane” are being used in France as the French government is fighting to push French censorship decrees to take effect globally. The EU will use copyright claims to censor and the UK government brags about censoring “non-illegal content”, vaguely defined like “hate speech”.

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Establishment media is preparing the American public for a hacked election (by Russians of course) — but David Knight looks at the REAL danger.

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Data proves that “atlernative media” and the free speech of people on social media turned the Swedish election. It’s happening all over Europe.

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Censorship didn’t begin with social media shadowbanning & outright banning. It is a globalist plan laid out nearly 50 yrs ago by Zbigniew Brzezinski — a gradual roll out of a technocratic tyranny that knows everything about you & has the ability to use it instantly for control. It’s happening now in China but most don’t realize it’s also happening now in America & Europe.