Teacher Says “I Was Told They’d Be Using Blanks” & Hogg’s NRA Conspiracy Theory

David Hogg has a whopper of a conspiracy theory and a teacher said he was told it was going to be “a code red drill” and they’d be firing blanks.

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With its ratings in a death spiral, CNN bullies a student who not only survived the school shooting but helped other students. But CNN isn’t content to bully students, they want they competition censored and are coming after the 1st Amendment, not just the 2nd Amendment.

Also: (David Knight) – Hogg Power Trip: Boycott FLORIDA!

The teens chosen to lead the witch hunt (shielded from criticism by their handlers who ban any contrary comments as “bullying” or “harassing”, are feeling powerful with a large social media following. David Hogg is not content calling for boycott of NRA & gun control but now stepping it up and calling for a boycott of the entire state of Florida for Spring Break. But are Clooney, CNN & YouTube really helping them are harming them?